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    • Oliver Thewalt

      Duality theory by Maldacena

      TThe AdS/CFT duality relates a theory on the boundary of a region to a theory with gravity in the interior. The AdS/CFT duality is a concrete example of holography, which suggests that all the information about the interior of some region is actually contained on the boundaryImage Courtesy: CERN/...

      Tags: duality-theory, maldacena, ads-cft, black-hole, string-particle-boundary

      • Oliver Thewalt

        Turning Black Holes into Dark Matter Labs

        This image shows the gamma-ray signal produced in the computer simulation by annihilations of dark matter particles. Lighter colors indicate higher energies. The highest-energy gamma rays originate from the center of the crescent-shaped region at left, closest to the black hole's equator and even...

        Tags: dark matter lab, dark-matter-particles, black-hole, penrose-process, nasa goddard, jeremy-schnittman, gamma ray, computer-simulation