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      About Existence

      Existence is not as such, phases of existence and non-existence or mass and energy or matter and ghost...tity?)...... no charge identity in  2D world sheet foldings at Black Hole states, means particle to Black Hole horiz...

      • Oliver Thewalt

        Time independent modelling: Scale invariance and shape dynamics

        Time independent modelling: Scale invariance and shape dynamics are more appropriate co.../the-physics-arxiv-blog/the-question-that-could-unite-quantum-theory-with-general-relativity-ef4f3932c0b0

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          Why there is no zero space in a mathematical sense

          Why there is no zero space in a  mathematical sense - and quasi singularities within black holes (space-time transforms) .. &...f Quantum Energy States - the physical zero is the lens as a lin...use of gravity Special and General Relativity are meeting the quanta  ...

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            Energy and tachyonic states - from the antimatter to the Black Hole identity

            Black Holes are an energy-matter threshold mediated by the photon as a qua...arge) identity-> Particles <->Black HolesThe photon is a quantum thres...or Schwarzschild horizon as a quantum Black Hole...nly! Tachyonic states are part of the Black Hole ident...

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              Gedanken Experiments involving Black Holes

              Gedanken Experiments involving Black Holes L...en experiments indicates that black hole complementarity cannot be ruled out on the basis of known physical principles. Experiments d...ire knowledge of Planck-scale effects for their analysis. Observ...licate information inside the black hole be...

              • Oliver Thewalt

                The Stretched Horizon and Black Hole Complementarity

                The Stretched Horizon and Black Hole Com...uantum theory, semi-classical general relativity and the statistical basis for thermodynamics are introd...a foundation for the study of black hole evolution. We explain how the...r membrane description of the black hole, appropriate to a distant observ...

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                  Ionospheric Epicenter - LAI coupling effects

                  Fukushima:  LAI Coupling (Litosphere - Atmosphere - Ionosphere Coupling)Sonnenaktiviäten und LAI-Kopplung als Ursache des Reaktorunfalls in Fukushima durch das Tohoku-Erdbeben.Earthquake Precursors and Evidence of Suns impact and triggering


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                    What is a Black Hole State?

                    • Oliver Thewalt

                      Einstein has overlooked a tachyonic charge identity - a Black Hole to Photon "Bridge" - Gluons taping quarks in QCD

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