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      Levels of convergence

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        The Cassiopeia Project

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      • Gene Organism and Environment
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        Gene Organism and Environment

        By Oliver Thewalt
        The standard metaphors used to describe DNA and development are examined, including the claim that DNA "makes" protein, that DNA is "self-replicating" and the organisms "adapt" to their environments. In this lecture by distinguished evolutionary...
        • Oliver Thewalt

          Quantum life: The weirdness inside us

          Ideas from the stranger side of physics could explain some long-standing mysteries of biology EVER felt a little incoherent? Or maybe you’ve been in two minds about something, or even in a bit of delicate state. Well, here’s your excuse: perhaps you are in thrall to the strange rule...

          Tags: quantum biology, biophysics, photosynthesis, chlorobium tepidum, bird eye view, electron flow, quantum interference, superposition, biology, paradigm change, quantum mechanics in biology, quantum computer, chirality of life, light, sun, ultraviolet

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            Biology for Physics Student

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              Basic Concepts: The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology by Laurence A. Moran - Reprint

              The demise of the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology is becoming an annual event. Most recently, it was killed by non-coding RNA (ncRNA) (Mattick, 2003; 2004). In previous years the suspects included alternative splicing, reverse transcriptase, introns, junk DNA, epigenetics, RNA viruses, trans-s...