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    • Oliver Thewalt

      The physician and the myth of a hero

      ...mind interference by ignorant parents and educational system,  antibiotics in early childhood that destr...eating autists or people with an autistic imprint like in my case by antibiotics in early childhood and an MMR...


      • Oliver Thewalt

        Dr Andrew Wakefield is correct

        ...has happened is that the CDC has made the same findings as Andrew Wakefield: destroying a microorgansim in early childhood by an MMR vaccine or antibiotics is interfering the immune sys...

        • Oliver Thewalt

          What have you done to your children?

 a sterile environment in any sense.   The USA and Europa are conscioulsy creating dependent geniuses, for instance by vaccination or antibiotics, conditions in hospitals, SAR...

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          • Oliver Thewalt

            Link between the immune system and the brain - neuro-immune connections

            Neuro Immune Connections, MMR Vaccine, Autism and a CDC WhistleblowerScientists have revealed many neuro-immune connections, a link between the immune system and the brain. This phenomenon is influencing social behavior.  The CDC has manipulated studies which are clearly indicating that...


          • Cross species transmissions and environmental conditions - virus vectors

            Cross species transmissions and environmental conditions - virus vectors

            About Dengue and Zika, Vaccination and Dengue test between SIV - HIV, Polio Vaccine, SV40, Recombinant DNA, Cancer and Malaria Research

            Tags: Cross species transmissions, and environmental conditions, virus vectors, antibodies, quantum markers, malaria, cancer, polio, dengue, zika, tuberculosis, antibiotics, vaccination, mmr-vaccine, hiv, siv, resistance, dna, rna, rna-virus, virome, super-bacteria, hematopoiesis

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