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    • Oliver Thewalt

      QCD String Break - The Constituents of Existence and the nature of gravity

      Measuring String break should reveal the fractal properties of the phenomenon gravity to mass and the quantum vacuum, this is what "asymptotic freedom" is about - then you will detect that the observation gravity is just an observation from the classic world view - there is no attraction or repul...

      Tags: QCD String Break, The Constituents of Existence, nature of gravity, hadron, quark, anti gluon color, gluon color

      • Oliver Thewalt

        A phase crystal for the Economic phase transition

        DRAFT Nash Equilibrium for a crystalline currency by surfaces of a metastable material – Quantum Computing – digital points – quantum annealing- The concept of preexistent states by an inner infinity convergence. The Nash Equilibrium can be realized for groups of a society by ...