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      Hawking Radiation

      Tags: hawking radiation, antimatter, qed, annihilation, black hole, event horizon, information, suesskind, quantum physics

      • Oliver Thewalt

        Michael Balmer's notes: What is the life time of the proton?

                         What is the lifetime of the proton? an interesting question indeed,and it can probably be said that no one knows as fact but are willing to guess and it is for sure they cannot be proven incorrect since no one knows,so everyone give it...

        Tags: proton, life-time, decay, annihilation, neutron, quark, anti-quark, gluon, michael-balmer

        • Oliver Thewalt

          Preliminary Information about the Matter Creation Process in the Higgs-Field

          Some Explanations: These are some preliminary information about Dark Matter Research by Michael Balmer and Oliver Thewalt in order to give more evidence. This work is still unpublished due to the Peer Review System of Cornell (ArXiv) and a lack of Funding concerning my side. What is still missin...