Results for "and elements of cosmology. extension to current developments in theory and observation. energy and momentum in flat spacetime; the metric; curvature of spacetime near rotating and nonrotating centers of attraction; trajectories and orbits of particles and light; elementary models of the cosmos. weekly meetings include an evening seminar and recitation. the last third of the semester is reserved for collaborative research projects on topics such as the global positioning system"



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    • Oliver Thewalt

      Strings and M-Theory by Stephen Hawking

      ...w   become known as `M-theory.' M-theory is a circle of ideas...luza-Klein theory, Yang-Mills theory, and supersymmetry. While the fu...ould apply to asym ptotically flat spacetimes (such as Minkowski space)..   Al...and Salah Nasri are studying elements of superstring   cosmology....

      • Oliver Thewalt

        Photon - neutrino - neutron - electron - proton - Higgs - String Theory

        Photons: dimensional mediation neutrinos: medi...existence" (to "non-existence) [mass - energy]...s defect - reduced mass - mediation of elements/matter electron: ener...rfaces and states Higgs: formation of elementsString Theory: higgs string vacua folding and energy...

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        • Oliver Thewalt

          What is time?

          ...One thinks in terms of the 4D spacetime manifold and places the sun t...with which general relativity models cosmology. Since the fluid breaks cosmic time figures in all models of cosmol...anges in time, defining their trajectories = world lines (apart from a global Poincare transformation). T...

          • Oliver Thewalt

            MIT Video Lecture by Prof Edmund Bertschinger about General Relativity and Astrophysics - Excerpt

            I have written this text (almost literally)  according to the...ter how to move, matter tells spacetime h...tions must be consistent with energy momentum cons...;s field equations) are non linear, the linear s...ust be consistent with energy momentum conservation. ------------...

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            • Oliver Thewalt

              The planes of constant t intersect the hyperboloid in 2d spheres.

              Is Spacetime Countable? Written by Sean Gry...Is there a number for every bit of The ultimate fate of a quantum theo...vity can be cured by assuming that spacet...niverse, can be reinterpreted as a theory wher...r Than Light induced world view. Is Spacet...

              • Oliver Thewalt

                Linear Algebra, Theory And Applications by Kenneth Kuttler

                This is a book on linear algebra and matrix theory. While...I think that the subject of linear algebra is likely the most unifyingso many different topics. Linear algebra is essential in analysi...l.This book features an ugly, elementary, and complete treatment o...erminants. However, all major topi...

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                  Hydrogen creation in the Higgs Field

                  "We are observing phenomena with a common...sition"   The Formation of Elemen...n the Higgs Field World View for our educational system, the wall of the elevator at my current home. In September 2018, Th...


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                    We have to bring down the #dictatorship by our #education system and #vaccination on a global scale - there are more appropriate approaches!

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                      US IT industry thought to get rid of air pollution by outsourcing toxic waste to India, but global winds brought it back to California.

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