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      Comment on "Is space-time countable?"

      Scale invariance and shape dynamics for gravity are better concepts: the universe is not discrete, space-#time is uncountable - a dimension is about a fractal photonic...

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        Comment on "About phases of matter and energy"

        Quote:" Absolute zero is the temperature (-273.15C) at which all motion in matter stops and is thought...ed temperatures that are, in fact, negative in absolute temperature scale. Th...


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          Single-chip microprocessor that communicates directly using light

          Single-chip microprocessor that communicates directly using light...ems—from mobile phones to large-scale data centres. These limitatio...optical communications based on chip-scale electronic–photonic sys...rate electronics and photonics at the scale of a...

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            Gravity by Michael Balmer

            Michael Balmer·Freitag, 3. November 2017   To really understand gravity,we must first put aside...ruling out the inverse as well as the magnetic attraction which on the cosmic scale woul...

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              Of Facts

              or why science is not about nature: There cannot be facts in nature, existence nee...ion, vibration, life ..... noone was asking me why I was citing Gauß? Invariance of fermions and bosons after...

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                Black Hole to proton surfaces

                In physics, the interpretation of an equation equaling...lbert Metrics/Lagrange Density) and Lie SU Groups invariance in space are based on a tauto...n or Fourier/infinitesimal steps transformation #invariance   The Foldings can be...

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                  Einstein theorized invariance/covariance in an inertial system - but there are no 3D or time ..

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                    We have to bring down the #dictatorship by our #education system and #vaccination on a global scale - there are more appropriate approaches!


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                      Is space-time countable?

                      Time independent modelling: Scale invariance and shape dynamics are more appropriate concepts in order to model the infinity transition of matter and energy for a gravitational lab. The universe is not discrete, space-time is uncountable - a dimension is about a fractal photonic mediation of the...

                      Tags: space-time, uncountable, scale invariance, universe not discrete, no discrete space-time, shape dynamics, gravity, dimension, potonic mediation of the infinity transition, condensed matter, time indepentent models in physics

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                        The planes of constant t intersect the hyperboloid in 2d spheres.

                        Is Spacetime Countable? Written by Sean Gryb and illustrated by Marc Ngui Abstract Is there a number for every bit of spacetime, or is spacetime smooth like the real line? The ultimate fate of a quantum theory of gravity might depend on it. The troublesome infinities of quantum gravity can b...

                        Tags: planes of constant t, hyperboloid, 2d spheres, Scale invariance, shape dynamics, gravity, spacetime countable, sean gryb

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