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    • Oliver Thewalt

      Linking quantum annealing processing to energy via adiabatic states and virtuals

      The idea is for the virtuals, that they are not just "recycled" but can be looked upon as transmission mediaries as well, and be applied via an adiabatic process without directly applying the thermodynamics, linking quantum annealing processing to energy, and the majorana and rydberg states as ...

      Tags: coulomb barrier, quantum tunneling, adiabatic states, virtual particles, virtuals, quantum annealing, linking quantum annealing processing to energy, majorana state, rydberg state, michael balmer, black hole state, particles

      • Oliver Thewalt

        Coulomb Barrier Atomic Fusion

        by Michael Balmer   Given much of the people of today are aware if nuclear fission,though maybe not the full detail of how,they are aware of,power for our electrical devices and lights and in some case heat and hot water,and for sure the hazard of the gift of science,and by no m...

        Tags: Coulomb Barrier, Atomic Fusion