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    Wimps by Michael Balmer

    Weakly Interacting Massive Particles



    Are said to be electromagnetically neutral sub-atomic partsand long sought out,it has been postulated to be neutrinos,however neutrinos are not considered massive,that being the case why would the next particle that can be consireded because it does meet the criterior but seems not to get much attention being the neutron,could be they already have a place in the hearts and minds of physics,it makes some sense since DM is suppose to make up the majority of the mass of the universe and neutrons are the most abundant particle in the universe,maybe it makes too much sense aince we have dopted the, must be, can be over the logical and mathematical and without them ther would be no existance as we know,

    The neutron does hve a neutrality about them,whether they are actually neutral or not beyond our designation which is based on an aspect of mathemtics we call cancellation which by the way in my opinion is in the top ten of most stupid aspects of physics,but let’s go with it for a moment ,no matter how wrong it really is it is accepted and on that concept we have to designate neutrons as wWimps there by stating them to be Dark Matter by our own define of the hypotheticsl particle,We also have to give up on the notion that weakly interacting meaning only by gravitation or also just in the weak force,this has not been verified as correct which makes it conjecture,conjecture can be a reaon to research but is not the result of the rearch or it is automatically wrong,experimentation doesn’t result in conjecture it eliminates it,Why am i bring this to issue,because i’m tired of the beating around the bush...Let’s plant the seed snd watch it grow and the seed is the neutron/Wimp/Dark matter,Funny,we have ruled out all the other candidates,e don’t need high energy particle accelerators and please don’t bring fluid mechanics into this,we are moving forward not backwards and no longer in a circlesthis is the particle we want now let’s make it work or leave it to the minds of the next couple milliniumwhen they are born to save cosmology when we get into the cosmos and let us use our energies on getting it to them.