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    The physician and the myth of a hero

    The cause for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or Leaky Gut Syndrome is manifold:  about a body mind interference by ignorant parents and educational system,  antibiotics in early childhood that destroy a microorganism in the gut,  an MMR Vaccine (Movie “Vaxxed “ by Dr Andrew Wakefield) that can cause autism, isolated autism or an autistic imprint by an immune response, the lymphatic  system and digestion problems due to the poisoning of the intestine.  

    I remember by father pushing me down the hill in Zermatt, Switzerland, in order to reach a train. He ought me to carry heavy luggage and declared me being weak, the same my brother did later, but the next week, the real reason was revealed in hospital in Saarbruecken, Germany, Winterberg Hospital this was nearIy a lethal situation  to a lymph water poisoning!

    My parents have completely ignored this!


    And there was more humiliation due to this, for instance in a grocery store there was a pedophile approaching me at the cashier.


    This is like Hiwathawa Myth, the myth about an hero as C. G. Jung has written

    in his books, those physicians and their helpers are like these.



    There was one helper, a male nurse that wanted to be a hero and show off

    at his colleagues in a hospital in Germany just recently by consciously bringing some patients into a lethal situation and resuscitate  them.




    Sucht nach Anerkennung


    Ein Krankenpfleger bringt Patienten erst in Lebensgefahr, um sie dann zu retten. Doch in mindestens 30 Fällen scheitert das Kalkül. Psychogramm eines Serienmörder




    One physician, he is dead now, his name was Fleck-Kaischer in

    Saarbruecken, Germany has told me this story about an accident, a car accident

    and the crowd was looking, and then, he, the hero, has approached the site

    of the accident, the crowd was opening up for him, and

    he, the hero, he said, what a great feeling - my blood was freezing when

    I was hearing his words!


    Until today, my health care insuance, the Deutsche Angestellten Krankenkasse (DAK) refuses to pay for consciously creating autists or people with an autistic imprint like in my case by antibiotics in early childhood and an MMR Vaccine, although this was concluded by an US Senator already in 2002 after investigating the manipulations of studies by the CDC.




    Oliver Thewalt