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    The principle of inversion by mixing up cause and effect

    There was a guy on FB from a very rich family, he said that his family has crucified him because he was in favor for the Nikola Tesla world view and not theirs, then he has sent me messages, invited my in his groups and offered me a job, promised to pay me on a corporate basis, but an other friend has warned me that I will never get paid for my work, and this really has happened, and I did know from the beginning that this was true. he was permanently posting pictures of beautiful dressed women and military arms stuff like jets, ships from the Navy and the like and expensive cars, i do not think that he was poor though, but when his family would have really "crucified" him, he would probably be quite poor, and he obviously did  know the true reason for my work not being paid by CERN, ESA, the DoE or NASA.

    He did know the case of Cameron Todd Willingham, I guess.

    And then, one day as I have managed to escape these lies, I have got into some trouble due to my government and the ignoring educational system. I have messaged him, but the only answer he had was to pretend that I would be a scammer!

    But he was the scammer!


    He has attracted me not vice versa. He has sent me messages at first and not vice versa.

    He was the scammer not me. Exploitation. Exploitation and humiliaton of the socially weak!

    He has many (fake) profiles and on FB he is his own cousin or brother.