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    Why North Korea is not a threat for the USA

    The conflict with Korea was a result artificially provoken by Truman, MacArthur and the McCarthy Era, MacArthur ordered even the A or H Bomb, the only reason for that Truman has rejected MacArthur's request was the fact that he could no more hear the screaming of children, women and people that he has heard in his nightmares after killing them in Hiroshima!

    There was a natural conflict in this region about China that was always about to invade Vietnam and some other known historic conditions, but there was no need to destroy Laos by the CIA ... and the humanitarian pretext they used in order to justify this invasion, bombing whole areas for months and years, some with an 8 minutes interval for weeks or even longer, reveal what they really are about ....

    North Korea is NO threat at all, they even cannot feed their own people, and the prison camps are full of people like you and me fighting for civil rights- every physicist knows that their nuclear weapons program in conjunction with a disastrous economy, logistics and carrier technology for weapons is just ridiculous so that Kim should be afraid of nuking himself - the FBI is not afraid and no key aspect has changed, the improvements are just on an isolated level and cannot be applied because the whole logistics in NK are void --

    Kim is doing this in order to maintain his power because he is always in danger to be killed otherwise - he is afraid of his own life when he cannot push his country towards an artificial war - in fact, Trump needs Kim the same way  that Kim needs Trump in order to justify his own power and dictatorship - Yes, Trump is the dictator, dear friends from America, that YOU have invited to rule your country because You are too lazy for improving your education system and care about your young people - the same what happens in Europe or Germany btw!

    The only reason for this conflict to emerge is the inability to solve problems at home so that Trump can hide all those homeless and poor people, for instance in Detroit (thanks Henry Ford, what a poor guy he was) or Atlanta, the US Heartland is drying out - the Rustbelt, and you need a wall to Mexico? I think that this is embarrasing!