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    Oliver Thewalt

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    Global View and systems biology are debunking assertions by the progressive academic sphere

    In order to grasp things like pro and anti vaccination, which is not a useful polarization, we need a broader view, concerning the change in the environment or what is happening in science and politics, the global view, and concerning the theoretical framework systems and quantum biology, just in order to debunk the assertions by the progressive academic sphere, which is obviously ready to bury millions of people for the sake of their paranoia, because greed is a logic consequence of an artificial paranoia!

    We are fighting against a narrow dangerous belief, not people, but when people misuse their financial and political power, we are ought to say this and give people a voice who are able to understand the science behind, promoting young people and students all over the world, because this is our common future and present!

    Listen carefully to the words people are saying, most people that represent a point of view steered by greed and bought science use words which are not appropriate to describe the applied theoretical framwork, do not talk like a scientist but like a bad marketing promoter or demagogue, attacking people who do not follow their insane point of view personally, they cannot do it better than ad hominem ...

    I think that there is a difference to say to someone just sitting there without a qualification than bought science just misusing his power that he/she is not qualified to do this kind of work and to attack a scientist who knows what he is talking about ad hominem.

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