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    Oliver Thewalt

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    Physics is not abolishing Religion

    Physics = Religion = institutionalized version of a natural belief in accordance to a fight with and against nature and a natural change in the need to uphold the adaptability in order to master the challenge due to a permanent change in the environment of a species .....

    A natural religion is VERY helpful in order to sustain life and the descandants of a species .....

    Those who pretend that physics will replace "religion", make it redundant, and abolish the need for any "God" are the most religious extremists and mentally dangerous people for all of us, especially young people and people from other cultures ... there is nothing more religious than this kind of a minor belief system producing an army of mental slaves and toxic waste .... seducing them for being silenced, dampered and filled up with materialistic crap ....

    They invent the God particle and bury the poor ...... without the poor and foreign born, these people could not stay in command and power which is based on a religious belief system ..... Economics, a currency and intelligent design!

    Indigenous people have no religion as such but a personal belief, but science is creating a Godless world, means, a genocide notion!