Oliver Thewalt

    Oliver Thewalt

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    Questions in Physics

    How did Stephen Hawking conclude in the 1960s that there might be a reversal of "time" within the so called BigBang?

    Can you explain the Chandrasekhar limit of a Star?

    What "force(s)" might prevent a Star from collapsing due to its own gravity?

    Is there any link to the crystal lattice of an let's say carbon atom?

    What is ferromagnetism?

    What is spin alignment or spin - spin coupling?

    What happens due to a Super or HyperNova event?

    Is this an explosion?

    What about the flashlight? Is there an energy release and if "yes" so why?

    Is there "antimatter" in a gamma ray burst?

    What happens here on Earth within a Thunderstorm?