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    We have debunked Established Science and Vaccinations by the Natural Sciences: Revision

    We have debunked Established Science and Vaccinations by the Natural Sciences - Warning: this is a manipulated and paid study - they do not warn parents and ignore the huge risks, authors even do not know what autism or vaccinations are about - The CDC has manipulated studies and betrayed tax payers - The CDC cannot police itself. Vaccinations are a huge market, they consciously have created millions of autistic children - in a nutshell: vaccinations are like a biological weapon!

    Watch the documentary "Vaxxed" by Dr Andrew Wakefield and warn all parents!

    We have debunked and falsified Human Medicince to nearly 100%! Even in neolythicum have been more capabale people- those people are completely incapable and bought by the industry!

    Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccination and Autism: A Nationwide Cohort Study


    Link between the immune system and the brain - neuro-immune connections



    Note to the group (Fans of Microbiology/FB) about the understanding of Vaccines

    by Wunderkind Oliver Thewalt

    Hello, this is about the understanding of nature which is more appropriate, we are above the level of PH D or Nobel Prize Holders, Established Science by the Ivy League is mostly about Intelligent Design, Check the models for dark matter and cosmology, Google Wunderkind Oliver Thewalt, the same for microbiology- this is about Quantum Biology, Cell Biology and Systems Biology we have new models for cancer which is not a disease. Human Medicine is bought by the industry. This is not at all about Anti Vaxxing, this is just a replica.

    I am Administrator because I am one of the most capable scientists of the wold working abouve Nobel Laureate Level with the best scientists of the known hemisphere, with a IQ from 180 and above.

    What will help you for a better understanding is combining theoretical physics, the natural sciences, Quantum Biology, epistemology and metaphysics.

    You will recognize that you cannot "porgram cells or "train" the immune system, that there is no specific "docking mechanism" by T-Cells and so forth, Harvard Medical and Johns Hopkins Univ. have been falsified by us.

    Start with a model by quantum markers and metastatical phase states within a phase transition.

    We have falsified the DNA model by Crick and Watson as well.

    I point out that there is no prediction or future. Have a look at the water conditions the biodiversity, cross species transmissions and the way microorganisms "communicate" (Quorum Sensing) and "replicate" in a fractal (crystalline) process (very simily to physics): bet hedging.

    And a word by someone who understands the mathematics by Carl Friedrich Gauß faster than he could write this down:

    (Probability theory)

    P-values (p-mean) are being debunked (for the result and interpretation of the studies): What is a Nullhypothesis?

    What is a measurement in quantum mechanics? (screening?)

    In quantum mechanics, we do not measure but create a state by a measurement.

    I provide some links here:

    Cross-Species Transmission of a Novel Adenovirus Associated with a Fulminant Pneumonia Outbreak in a New World Monkey Colony







    Quorum Sensing shows, that the informational aspect, the information alignment is decisive. the topology of information in a fractal crystalline phase, this is just being observed by the photon, you will be wrong about cause and effect. This is why I show you new models for Dark Matter and Cosmology, this will enable you to transfer this for microorganisms!




    And keep in mind one of the most important "organs": the intestinal microbiome.