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    What about micro Black Hole Cavity States and photon - photon Micro BH coupling?: Revision

    Science is the answer, indeed! " I am always giving people their correct credits, but why are they still refering to Einstein regarding theories about Black Holes or Nuclear Fission? Didn't people recognize that Wheeler, Einstein, and even Stephen Hawking are hiding the correct interpretation in order to protect thier energy models and control of other cultures by for instance the nuclear industry? What about micro Black Hole Cavity States and photon - photon Micro BH coupling?

    May be you start here?

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    Science is about understanding, not about "knowledge", and it starts with parenting and at the Kindergarden, at school and at university and the companies, and it is related to our governments and parliaments and laws and the energy and IT models and foreign policy, and it is about a false flag system and nothing else!"