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Cancer Research by Systems and Quantum Biology

Cancer Research by Systems and Quantum Biology

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Cancer can be looked upon as a Host Cell Revolution after a Body Mind Interference by an Auto Immune Response via a Virus which is like Messenger RNA and the Virome.


On nuclear level, we can say that the relation of the density distribution of the "C-H-Groups" as chemical rings in view to beta decay for hydrogen is varying.  

This can be analogized by the the relation of cell division to the "length" of telomers.


The best form of prevention that we have is to spread the correct Information and education.


This is about a Quantum Threshold and a transiting Phase Transition.


The implications of Radiation and Mutation are untouched and implicitely immanent by this.


Cancer and Beta Decay


Quantum Biology - Cancer and quasi inflammatory metastatic states on quantum level

There is no cancer as such, the approach to treat cancer as a disease is not helpful: what is missing is it to understand that there are mind and environment induced quasi inflammatory meta static states on quantum level ..... ~Quantum Biology

Cancer Research by Quantum Biology - An Introduction based on contemporary microbiology

Information Biology by Quantum Biology - Cancer Research