Oliver Thewalt

    Oliver Thewalt

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    Research Paper Theoretical Physics Riemann Zeta Photon Information Boson Photonic Universe

    This paper was compiled in 2011 in cooperation with 2 friends in science and submitted to Prof Marcio R de G Maia, Brazil.


    This commentay about the paper was made by Michael Balmer, Montclair:

    Hello Oliver, have not written on your 5 yet but I have read your paper and I have not seen anything that is not true,the photons are an information carrier,beyond the research of today in using them in computing and com munitions what they carrier is the MSQ,they do not interact well directly with matter,matter is usually ionized in that interaction,but instead with the neutrinos y->Ve->Wf(w-+Zo)->Sf(Qrk)->N->@((N)->Z/e+Ve)= *******(H1)) this is the interaction in to matter particle creation @y=-iM(N-+)y=0