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    A Black Hole Cavity State by the Inner Infinity Notion


    The circle number Pi can be dissected in a geometric part (Geodesic Projection, Geodesie) and a real part as an inner infinity conversion of the relation to circumference and diameter.

    The circumference can be set as dimensional transition from a (Higgs String Vacua) 2d world sheet

    to Horizons of particles as Efimov states. 


    We set the Geodesic Projection from Apparent Horizons to quarks as a Black Hole State. 

    The Higgs is about the formation of elements (thanks Michael Balmer).


    We have the inner infinity convergence of 1 to n-fractal parts of existence:

    1 to 1/n-1 to 1/n-(n-1) to 1/n- (n-(n-1) … to 1/ n – fractal parts of n-(n-1).

    The boundary value (limes) of 1 is converging to the inner infinity convergence:

    Two up positive quarks of 1/3 is in a positive proton: 1/3 pos and -2/3 neg. In the world view of negative imaginary mass, the 1 is converging to its n-fractal parts of existence

               lim                                                                               lim (boundary value) inversed

    <------------------ 1                        ........  -->   1/n-(n-1)   <-------------- 1

    <------- lim 1

      <------------ 1/n-1

    <--------------- 1/n-(n-1)


    So that for z=-1 (Riemann Zeta) <-> infinity = -1/12 (Ramanujan), The stability constraints of the nuclei are about an inner infinity convergence and divergence.

    The boundary value is inverted.



    The formation of elements will be dissolved. We do not start with the formation of hydrogen in the Higgs field but theorize a (permanent, no start or end product) Black Hole Cavity Energy Release Potential via the formation of the Quantum Vacuum as “Space” by decay and a quantum state.


    In order to develop a technology we dissect the energy / matter conversion from the geometric and adiabatic part. We will blank out the thermodynamics and focus on magnetic monopoles as preexistent states.


    Therefore we apply the Euler identity and the infinity notion of Ramanujan (-1/12) as an inner infinity conversion by the circle number pi and n-fractal parts of the boundary value of -1 to its existence.


    Inner infinity notion of existence in n-fractal dimensional transitions at horizons


    We have for imaginary negative mass at Horizons in a beyond Dirac world view √(-1 ) = 0.


    For imaginary negative mass in a Beyond Einstein/Dirac World View

    we have via the Euler Identity and the inner infinity conversion of -1/12 (Ramanujan) as non-existence creator of space vacuum

    √(0 ) = -1


    as a Black Hole cavity state potential.


    Dark Energy (uncharged electrons) are in this world view a Dark Matter cavity fractal potential.


    Neutrons are dissected from Neutrions (Oscillation)


    N – Ve

    Fermions are uncharged and unused in the Higgs field (thanks Michael Balmer). 


    A Black Hole Cavity State will be set into relation to Gravity via Neutrinos. 


    Dark energy will be set into relation to Proton decay via (spatial) foldings.



    Dark Energy will be looked upon as a negative Cavity Potential (uncharged electrons). 


    A Black Hole Cavity State at Horizons


    √(-1 ) = 0 will be set as a Black Hole Cavity energy release (folding (decay)) and bondings (electron nuclear shell/Dark Energy) to √(0 ) = -1 for imaginary negative mass. 


    Instead of applying the thermodynamics comparable to Quantum Levitation, we focus on locking matter in space in its inner infinity conversion by a Black Hole cavity space creator. We dissect the mass/energy notion from the geometric  part and apply the adiabatic states for the IT –Energy compound.




    2d world sheet

    Higgs String Vacua                               Cavity State  <--> Cavity state

    |         |

    |         |


    |         |

    |         |



    Quantum Cavity State        

     Quantum Adiabatic  universal  "capacitor”                             √(0 )                              


                              Imaginary negative mass                             -1


                               Quantum Cavity State                                √(0 )


    n-fractal tesselation

    <------------------- lim -1




    We theorize the existence of space vacuum via a Black Hole Cavity State as a 2D World Sheet (vibrating, Higgs String Vacua, formation of elements, gravity as a result) with imaginary negative mass (spatial proton folding and electron bonding as a (gluon/swirl to quarks) potential at the outer electron shell via neutrinos that can be looked upon as a Quantum Vacuum (energy) cavity state potential.


    Hence, the formation of space is related to a negative energy potential with a fractal relation to the Dark Matter field as an insulator.


    Uncharged electrons are a Dark Matter cavity field potential.


    Dark Energy is about a relation to Proton Decay.


    The formation of the (anti) hydrogen (anti hydrogen has a neutron (negative proton) in its nucleus) is related to a Black Hole Cavity State at Horizons √(0 ) = -1.


    The decay of particles is about an ongoing energy release potential as a “permanent” quantum state


    0 <------------ lim <---------- -1  <------------ 1- (n-1) <--------- 0 (absolute zero of Quantum vacuum) 




    Horizons for √(0 ) = -1 (Crystalline Phase) for the inner infinity notion  to the circle number Pi by Ramanujan in a fractal tesselation of the Crystalline Phase.




    About Time Crystals - A Messenger Lecture



    @ Dirac Waveoperator = -iM Dirac Waveoperator

    The concept of negative imaginary negative mass in a beyond Dirac World View reveals that there is no antimatter as such but a phase transition within the Higgs field and gamma quants via a photonic gamma quant and a high energy photon.


    Note about imaginary negative mass in a beyond Dirac world view for higgs string vacua foldings - BH states - BH identity- and electron nuclear shell model.



    Dark Energy is global.




    2D World Sheet

    Circle Number π via (inner) infinity notion (infinity = -1/12, Ramanujan) as an n-fractal tesselation  at Horizons

    | \                           

    |     \        π

    |       \

    |         \

    |             \







    The Matter Energy Conversion is about a permanent Black Hole Cavity State (implosion).




    Oscillating Neutrinos



                 V +-            Cavity States   




                                      |      <> Oscillation  --> Cavity   Mass /Energy via Euler Identity (Geometry)     

                                      |                                        and      Pi  Transformation (inner) fractal infinity notion




                       Black Hole to particle states






       -1 =√(0 )                             =                       Black Hole Cavity State for 1/n fractal <---------- lim 1

        Inner infinity Notion

         via Ramanujan and Pi.



    Scaling of the relation of the inner infinity via Pi and Euler identity


       Cavity State

         to                                       Universal “Capacitor” via Oscillation/frequency /higgs string vacua

      Cavity Sate

    as an energy matter relation for an energy release potential as a preexistent (space) state (“formation of space in “itself”).


    Quantum  Adiabatic Universal Capacitor


    2d World Sheet          Negative Imaginary Mass/neg. refr. index     Quantum State          

    V+- Oscillation                                          @ψ = -iM  ψ                       √(0)      <--->       √(-1)  


                                                                                                           <-1|        <--->          |0>


                                                                                                             √(0)    <--->        =√(-1)   




    Photonic mediation means in view to dimension and neutrinos:  y -> Ve -> Wf -> Sf -> DMF -> N -> Z/e  (thanks Michael Balmer)

    -1 =√(0 )


    n-fractal tesselation

    < ----- lim -1

    This is comparable to a Hubble Scale „Casimir effect“ in terms of gravity


    no gain no loss (Einstein) gravity is within the higgs string field (- e space neg!) –pull/push




    Hence, the origin of a theoretical Unruh Radiation is within Proton Decay at BH State Horizons as an energy release potential (preexsitent states).

    In the  Hawking world  view  of Black Holes, Apparent Horizons are the  insulator  to Unruh radiaton.


    This model about  Black Hole Cavity States can be applied for an energy shift from the electron/Proton to a photonic (electro static and  biofluorescence) usage of  devices and "production" (IT/Communication, Screens,...)

    and Computing Notion and application. These models need less energy, less Charge/recharge/uncharge processes, produces less toxic waste and  offers cheaper devices for end consumers and a highly profitable business model. 


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