Oliver Thewalt

    Oliver Thewalt

    Theoretical Physics | Quantum Biology | Dark Matter Research Cluster

    Internship Oliver Thewalt bei Software AG of North America Reston Virginia USA

    Internship of Oliver Thewalt at Headquaters Software AG of North America Reston, Virginia, USA

    in July to September 1989 for Roel Pieper, Vice President of SAGNA in 1989.

    I have conducted this internship by initiating an international project about cooperative expert systems with an application for portfoliomanagement using NATURAL and NATURAL Expert of the Software AG and a Dissertation (PhD Thesis, Draft version at that time) by Stefan Kirn (today Professor Stefan Kirn Stuttgart  Hohenheim) at the Professorship of Professor Schlageter of Fernuniversität Hagen (Correspondence University Hagen, Germany).

    The challenge was to perform the knowledge engineering phase for portfoliomanagement and adapt the coding for cooperative expert system agents within the field of AI and Boolean Logic, extending it to fuzzy logic and quantum states for the Stock Exchange and financial markets.

    Therefore I have conducted some interviews at banks and at the International Joint Conference of Artificial Intelligence in Detroit, 1989.


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    Oliver Thewalt