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    Electron Orbits or Orbitals


    by Michael Balmer, Montclair, New Jersey, USA

    When people speak of electrons orbiting the nucleus of the atom,they visualize the Bohr atom illustration simular to planetary orbits about the solar system,but this is inaccurate,the electron orbital is only an orbit that it makes a complete revolution of the nucleus and this envolves the whole nucleus not just the proton....let’s examine this a little closer,the opposing charge (positive ) of the proton to charge (negative) of the electron pulls the electron towards the nucleus in it’s “ORBIT” however ...and picture this the elecoton is spiraling towards the nucleus but can only reduce it’s orbit when no Neutron is present at the nuclear energy level of the proton so in aeefect the “ORBIT” of the electron would not be round but zig-zag affect as the proton pulls and the neutron neutralizes the effect ,temporaly releasing the pull of the proton,this is because of the rotation about the nucleus’ axis of the nuclei,to fully see this quantum effect without use of microscopes which we do not have ,we must spectulate and predict beyond one dimensionl thinking,given the data of electromagnetism as the premise and the concept of electric fields and charges allowed by quantum mechanics and not infect it it Relativitywhich doesn’t allow for this type of interaction anyway,Let’s look at what the orbital is...the orbital is the energy level electrons reside at as given in the elecctromagnetic configuration of atoms/elements,electrons based on their energy can only be at one level at one time and move about up or down depending on the amount of availible energy,which then leads us to the Pauli Exclusion Principle as well as the Uncertainty Principle and the use of the Wave Function,Pair production and the Photo-Electric Effect as well as decay,radioactivity and Alpha,Beta and Gamma Emissions,this is what we call Quantum Physics and is the basis of everything.