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    Alan Turing's papers

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      Much of Turing's work was not published in the formal sense of appearance in a scientific journal of the day. So it is not straightforward to give a listing of everything he wrote. There are internal reports, unfinished work completed by others, typescripts of talks, and papers which were never intended for publication, being top secret at the time of their composition and for long afterwards. These Bibliography pages are intended to give a reasonably complete listing of material written in the form of scientific papers, but they do not include letters written to personal colleagues and various other exceptional items.
      Almost everything Turing wrote is now accessible on-line in some form, much of it in the Turing Digital Archive, which makes available scanned versions of the physical papers held in the archive at King's College, Cambridge University. See these notes on Turing archives and photographs.
      These Bibliography pages give a traditional listing of papers and printed material, but also direct links to on-line versions.
      See also the BibNet bibliography maintained by Nelson H. F. Beebe, University of Utah.