Oliver Thewalt

    Oliver Thewalt

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    Ultra High Data Process and Storage with an inherent ''googolectic''


    by Georg Drakenberg, Athens

    100.000.000 neurons and synapses

    100.000.000 neurons and synapses, larger number that this of the stars of this Milky Way Galaxy we live. Ultra High Data Process and Storage with an inherent ''googolectic'' (in speed and process) form of Decision Making Patterns Establishment (that drives into complex patterns of behavior and memory engrams formation-deformation). Also, this Meta-system, in the same time is marked as a slow and effortful wetware with poor speed of integration, signal stransfering and slow engram development and establishment at the microcircuit multicellular map level. In addition, consists of a mine of infinite creative and innovation ideas for the Scientific Progress and Biological and Mind Evolution on this planet (and aftermaths, outspace). That includes a challenging and charming Systemic Scaling ''Hard Problem'' of Integrative Neuroscience.