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    Note by Michael Balmer

    We can look at hydrogen from two prospectives,one in Chemistry and one in Physics,two aspects of the same element (chemistry) atom (physics),the structure of course is the same,one electron and one proton,so what is the difference,applications of study is to put simply although chemistry gives more insight into the use and bonding principles to manufacture molecular construct of materials, and in physics the behavioral and interactional aspects not including chemical reactions or the what they can do as to why they do it.

    Let’s try to understand why these and other atoms are considered neutral,actually it is not very difficult to understand,it’s just mathematically speaking to be neutral because atoms have the same number of electrons as protons and in mathematics a negative and a positive cancel leaving a net charge of zero,this doesn’t mean the charges are not there,nothing has changed in that respect and it means absolutely nothing and my thoughts on it is...so what,why would i bother with that...they are all neutral in that respect unless they are in transition.

    Hydrogen is asserted to be the most abundant element in the universe,which makes sense since nearly one hundred percent of all chemical bonding is the result of hydrogen in the all the phases of matter,liquid, solid and gas,with three abundant isotopes...H1,H2 both stable and the radioactive H3 with an interesting note with hydrogen being the most abundant in the universe,in the Earth’s atmosphere as dry air contains 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.04% carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other gases,with about 25% of water vapor and with all the water on the planet little to no trace of hydrogen is found,so the obvious question is,how can it be there is little to no trace of hydrogen in the air or the crust of the earth and that is a good thing,hydrogen is a volatile element along with oxygen with oxygen probably the most volatile in the universe but as a molecule with hydrogen to form water that risk is reduced and hydrogen being the main component in fusion to form stars it seems well not to have it in our atmosphere,but where is the hydrogen,it’s in the water.

    Let us accept the assertion of hydrogen as the most abundant element in the unverse,would not that make electrons and protons the most abundant particles in the universe,you would think so on the basis of the constitutes of hydrogen and the mathematics,but this would be an incorrect assumption,that would be the neutron but only by subscribing to the hypothesis of neutron decay that states in approximately 15-20 minutes a neutron would decay into an electron, proton and a neutrino,

    Note: I did not say antineutrino,this is because there can be no such thing as one, no neutral (or so called) particle can have an antiparticle since the anti would be the opposing sign of the particle which is the constituates of hydrogen and although it is stilled maintained a decayed neutron is not hydrogen because of the mathematics it is the only answer to the production of hydrogen in free space,so do we continue to let the math fool us and stay in the dark about something so simple and was postulate and accepted at a time when they were only conjecture and not captured for study and who said it was an antineutrino anyway,how was that determination made.

    The discovery of hydrogen began around 1671 with work by Robert Boyle but Henry Cavendish 1766 get most to all of the first in the discovery with Antoine Lavoisier in 1783 on naming the element hydrogen,interesting is the use of iron and water to produce various forms of hydrogen along with some acids.

    With all that has been learned and applied to uses of hydrogen how can it still be a mystery and a problem for chemists’ and physicist for so many years,my thoughts on that would be, the wrong answers are accepted instead of researching for the correct ones.