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    Newton's Second Law - Conversation Prof Marcio Maia - Oliver Thewalt - Hixgrid


    does not guarantee the invariance of the 2nd law beacuse it is purely kynematical and says nothing about how m and F transform.


    Dear professor Thewalt, good morning.

    I have sent your message to the professor Márcio Maia. His institutional contact: ****

    I hope you both may be in touch again.

    Best regards,

    Heleno Nazário


    Dear professor Thewalt, good morning


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    Em 11/06/2016 04:33:24, Neogrid eV Oliver Thewalt escreveu:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    this is a request for the eMail Address of Associate Professor Marcio R de G Maia ......

    I need to contact him - his former eMail Address (Marcio Maia ****) could be void now,

    and his Twitter Account needs to be verified, I am no more 100% sure to whom I am talking to via Twitter


    Associate Professor - Jorge Amado Institute, Federal University of Southern Bahia/UFSB . Gravitation and Cosmology (Ph.D. /University of Sussex/UK). IAU/BIS

    Itabuna, Brazil

    Please forward this Message to my friend Prof Marcio R de G Maia or send me his current eMail Address of the University Site, Jorge Amado Institute -Federal University of Southern Bahia/UFSB.

    Sincerely Yours

    Oliver Thewalt

    Neogrid e.V.