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    Phase space curvature in spin-orbit coupled ultracold atom systems


     Spin Orbit Coupling - Adiabatic Motion - Phase Space Berry Curvature


    J. Armaitis, J. Ruseckas, E. Anisimovas
    (Submitted on 10 Feb 2017)
    We consider a system with spin-orbit coupling and derive equations of motion which include the effects of Berry curvatures. We apply these equations to investigate the dynamics of particles with equal Rashba-Dresselhaus spin-orbit coupling in one dimension. In our derivation, the adiabatic transformation is performed first and leads to quantum Heisenberg equations of motion for momentum and position operators. These equations explicitly contain position-space, momentum-space, and phase-space Berry curvature terms. Subsequently, we perform the semiclassical approximation, and obtain the semiclassical equations of motion. Taking the low-Berry-curvature limit results in equations that can be directly compared to previous results for the motion of wavepackets. Finally, we show that in the semiclassical regime, the effective mass of the equal Rashba-Dresselhaus spin-orbit coupled system can be viewed as a direct effect of the phase-space Berry curvature.