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    god: Supernatural entity (or entities) invented by humans - comments about exploring nature


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    Discussion on my wall (Oliver Thewalt), Excerpt







    Rima Meta  

    "The adjective "supernatural" relates to "being above what is natural" or unexplainable by natural law, or even "abnormal".

    There is no evidence to date that God has nothing to do with nature, or that the presence is unexplainable.

    "Supernatural" also means "of a superlative degree," "preternatural."

    There is no evidence to date that a deity is superlative.

    "Supernatural" is also attributed to unearthly beings.

    There is no evidence to date that the presence of such a deity, if it exists, is not found on Earth.

    Moreover, a supernatural entity or entities cannot be "invented' by humans-either the entity is there, or it is not there, anything in-between is mere superstition or inculcated beliefs.

    You cannot have exceptions to a definition where God and a supernatural deity are not synonymous in accepted connotations.

    "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." - A. Einstein."




    Oliver Thewalt

    "Yes, the main goal is to prevent abuse, because there is a misunderstanding about the conception of what is an religion (Christianity is not a religion but an institutionalized version of it, our personal belief beyond what we have read is a religion), or what is god - I said that on the "highest plane" (whatever this might be) of perception of human beings - religion and science are the same .....but I prefer science because you can explore nature in OUR culture better by this, which has not to be a general rule, it is just the way things have developed - it could be vice versa, and it was in some cultures."




    There is no GOD as such, but a kind of GOD is in us or wherever, you can call it the link of the unconscious mind to space or whatever, millions (infinite) of definitions possible - but you have to be aware that it does not exist as an entity."


    Rima Meta


    "I agree in most part to the viewpoints expressed above; however, an institutionalized version of a religion cannot exist until it has already been imbibed as an inculcated belief by societies. It is evident that scientists will prefer "Science" and the more religiously devout the more abstract principles of theology, but in effect, they are inseparable. I am not of the opinion that one can explore nature better in a Western culture, as Aryabhatt, who lived centuries ago in an Eastern culture was keenly perceptive of science and mathematics, and so was Ramanujan. It is individualism and egocentricism that has prevented Western culture from steeping itself in theology, as well as philosophy, and it is tradition and superstition, along with an adherence to fate that has isolated the cultures of the Eastern world from Science, that has resulted in the demarcations, unlike during the seventeenth century, where Arts and Science flourished side by side. The millions of definitions of a creator are all subjective in nature, and not conducive to a logical interpretation of it, which would be needed to make us aware that it "does not exist as an entity." It is dogmatic beliefs, hypocrisy, egoism, and narrow-minded bigotry that prevents us from being objective, not the privilege of living in a Western culture, where people can be as equally conservative with regards to religious beliefs as their Eastern counterparts. Even if it does not exist as an entity, the belief needs to be accounted for, and the non-existence as an entity expostulated."


    Oliver Thewalt

    "Triple like Rima, threre is no better way to say this -Perfectly stated - you have understood it!! This is what is missing in the western hemisphere - thanks so much for this - I have watched this movie "Twilight over Burma" ("Dämmerung über Burma") recently - they showed what is missing in our western cultures: Sao Kya Seng, the Prince of Burma and his wife, Inge Sargent (Eberhard),  who became the Mahadevi, a woman from Austria in the 50s that met the Prince at Colorado during his studies in the USA: they both bowed themselves to a group of buddhist monks when they met coincidentely, although the Buddhists have no mundane power! This means that the natural culture of a country is protecting its inhabitants as long as the mundane power is bowing to the spiritual power. At the point the Army took over control, the country was lost, or more preciesely, people in the country were lost. The notion of power as a gift to GUIDE people and not to control and exploit them!

    A superior mind is providing guidance!