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    Lightning seen sparking from a supermassive black hole appears to break the laws of physics


    Comment in the G-plus post:


    "The electric universe theory is just filtering out too many other properties of  space, such as that there are no one point particles but fields with dimensions. 


    Hence, electric universe is not wrong, but too narrow. We may enlarge this view by photonic universe or space (photon as part of space) including eg. optical magnetic fields (hadrons/quark-gluon) and antimatter, dark matter.


    We should be aware that at the main post on this thread, there is both a measurement problem and a problem due to the fact that we cannot be sure what (kind of event/field/object/property) scientists have observed at all. Furthermore, the "external  value"  of a theory or hypothesis is strongly coniciding with the level of epistomology in this area, means that we are able to apply an appropriate interpretation and are aware of this!


    I have read some interesting thoughts about this FTL gamma jet, for example  that lightning is usually travelling backwards from flash to source, but scientists observed the opposite (from black hole to free space) although it is an FTL event .. hence the direction could be inverted ... but we have no precise protocols about this event.


    Moreover, according to recent research, it was put into question whether there is an event horizon at all, or an infinite amount of apparent horizons solving the information "paradox"


    (It has been suggested [1] that the resolution of the information paradox for evaporating black holes is that the holes are surrounded by firewalls, bolts of outgoing radiation that would destroy any infalling observer. Such firewalls would break the CPT invariance of quantum gravity and seem to be ruled out on other grounds. A different resolution of the paradox is proposed, namely that gravitational collapse produces apparent horizons but no event horizons behind which information is lost. This proposal is supported by ADS-CFT and is the only resolution of the paradox compatible with CPT. The collapse to form a black hole will in general be chaotic and the dual CFT on the boundary of ADS will be turbulent. Thus, like weather forecasting on Earth, information will effectively be lost, although there would be no loss of unitarity.


    Information Preservation and Weather Forecasting for Black Holes



    To your question: well, energy is looked upon as (in view of general properties) a perfect liquid or superfluidity (quark-gluon-plasma), and here we go: MHD models are not at the core in order to model space itself, they are applying properties of EM-fields based on ZPF theory: Navier Stokes  is meeting a kind of a superfluid (energy) and superconducting space field in order to model EM and gravity BELOW the speed of light!


    Thus, I cannot find any reason why MHD models should be abondened, BUT they will be extended to the FTL-fields.


    My take is that the gluon mediating the quarks taping via color charges is FTL, thus indicating QCD also as an antimatter issue in the Yuakwa coupling!


    The foundation of Pauli's exclusion principle is based on the fact that positrons are not occupying the same space as electrons - by a different spin or oscillation/charge respectively.


    Hence, positrons may be mediated FTL as well, with tachyonic speed so that this gives birth to existence:  photons are superconducted FTL through a Darktron Condensate (Dark Matter).


    Therefore we would need more information about the neutrino oscillation and its charge identity."


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