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    Remark about a new Picture of Black Holes

    Remark (March, 30th 2018): Today I prefer a refined theory about a Quantum Vacuum as a Superfluid in an n-dimensional transition with a varying density distribution in a quantum non-quantum threshold for Black Holes, this is about Feynman's Quest for interference and diffraction as well -

    I propose to revisit the theory about Black Holes according to these findings ....

    Dirac Zig Anti –Zag: Zig Zag neutron to an electron and positron.


    The electron observed from the real world is like a confined helical wave in a Zitterbewegung, like 2 waves in a wave function waving to 2 finite ends, which is in fact one wave, but not a scalar one. The wave is in a dimensional phase transition.


    A dimension is about space topology and can be demonstrated by entanglement. The non-locality world view is dissolving virtuals such as phonons or magnons for entanglement to different imprints of these string vacua waves. We are observing phenomena with a common origin on an imprint in the existence phase of the quantum vacuum which is about a superfluid transiting through a quantum non quantum threshold, which means a kind of a dimensional topology and granularity within a phase transition, from the real world we observe a Zitterbewegung of the electron and a Jiggle Vibration (Dirac Zig Zag).


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    The Dark Matter Field works like a magnetic monopole and insulator, this is why it does not need a shielding of the –H1.
    The DMF works like a natural insulator to the Dark Energy Field. The DMF is in a permanent transition by the density distribution and the field alignment in view to the –e +e field that forms a superconducting fluid by a vortex cavity superposition.
    The –e +e field is varying by space topology for the granularity and density of the field and by that, the alignments within the space topology. This has impacts on conducting and superconducting properties for conductivity.
    The vortex is comparable to a Black Hole Surface and integrable body that is responsible for +e –e fields, a natural insulator.
    This is what a Black Hole and a particle is basically doing.
    Hence we will find on the surfaces of the vortex multiple kinds of magnetic monopole states."

    The Formation of Elements by assigning charge (E) and Mass (M) to an unused and uncharged Neutron in the Higgs Field


    Quantum Space locking for an intergalactic spin glass highway – a Beyond Silicon Photonics Model for Computing