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    Remark about a new Picture of Black Holes

      Oliver Thewalt
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      Remark (March, 30th 2018): Today I prefer a refined theory about a Quantum Vacuum as a Superfluid in an n-dimensional transition with a varying density distribution in a quantum non-quantum threshold for Black Holes, this is about Feynman's Quest for interference and diffraction as well -

      I propose to revisit the theory about Black Holes according to these findings ....

      Dirac Zig Anti –Zag: Zig Zag neutron to an electron and positron.


      The electron observed from the real world is like a confined helical wave in a Zitterbewegung, like 2 waves in a wave function waving to 2 finite ends, which is in fact one wave, but not a scalar one. The wave is in a dimensional phase transition.


      A dimension is about space topology and can be demonstrated by entanglement. The non-locality world view is dissolving virtuals such as phonons or magnons for entanglement to different imprints of these string vacua waves. We are observing phenomena with a common origin on an imprint in the existence phase of the quantum vacuum which is about a superfluid transiting through a quantum non quantum threshold, which means a kind of a dimensional topology and granularity within a phase transition, from the real world we observe a Zitterbewegung of the electron and a Jiggle Vibration (Dirac Zig Zag).


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