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    Notes about Black Hole Cavity States – On the Trail of Magnetic Monopoles


    We investigate the world view of an alternated 2D World Sheet by the diameter and circumference of the circle number Pi, the relation to the inner infinity notion of Ramanujan’s infinity conjecture and apply it for quantum field theory for gluons, Dirac Strings and Wilson lines (Loops). 


    Dirac’s search for a magnetic charge in the photon will be dissolved. The quantization of charge starts in the Higgs Field and its photonic mediation. Neutrinos will be treated as quantum particles that mediate charge attribution. The working hypothesis is about the Higgs assigning charge to elements, as charge will be treated as a result of the formation of elements.

    We assume that in the picture of Euler geometry and Rindler Horizons, the gluons color charge is related to an infinitesimal tesselation of an altered circle knot to a geometric projection at Horizons, in the Einstein world view of relativistic classical mechanics , we set an n-fractal Tesselation at asymptotic tangents to Mini Rindler Horizons.



      Rindler Horizon Inifnitesimal Tesselation 

    Mini Rindler Horizons – Infinitesimal Tesselation

    In this world view, charge and magnetic poles are a natural effect of the formation of elements in the Dark Matter Field to the quantum vacuum in it inner infinity notion to the absolute zero.

    Hence, we assume that magnetic monopoles are preexistent quantum string states that unfold as protons to a Maxwell Pole by the gluon color that flips the quarks. The anti gluon color that is responsible for the swirl of the quarks in a neutron or negative proton (anti hydrogen) will be treated as an uncharged magnetic monopole by a projection of the gluon surface as a quantum field state in a Zero Wilson Loop, a one folded Dirac String in a photon that binds unused quarks in an uncharged fermion in the Dark Matter field (DMF). The DMF is varying in density and allocation to the quantum vacuum.

    The gluon is excited to a vibration in the Higgs string field. We dissect the neutron from the neutrino and coin it Dirac String Neutralino.

    Anti Gluon Color Swirl for Dirac Higgs String Monopol

    Swirl Anti Gluon Color: Charge does not exist in a World View of Dirac Higgs String Monopoles but charge bonding by the formation of elements

    --> Dirac String Neutralino


    Uncharged Neutron in the Dark Matter Field (negative Proton via Gluon Surfaces unfolds to => (Electro) Weak Force

    The unused Neutron is being assigned a charge by a Dirac Higgs String: A Wilson Loop Photon (MSQ) in a Crystalline Phase.

    Y -->Ve -->Wf --> Sf –> DMF --> --> N—> Z/e (thanks Michael Balmer)

    Strong Force (Sf) : The reversing of quarks is by QCD.

    In the Antihydrogen Nucleus is a negative proton (neutron)

    Magnetic Monopol State by a Dirac Higgs String


    Magnetic Monopole State by a Dirac Higgs String
    Via Neutrino (Dirac String Neutralino) Oscillation In a Wilson Line.

    We have a Diphoton – spin coupling for the Tau Neutrino

    y y – Vt (V sub T)

    The photon is then decoupling in the matter creation process.

    The Higgs assigns charge, spin and helicity via Neutrinos and photons.

    The Higgs is part of Magnetic Monopole states

    The Gluon is an Black Hole EM Carrier to the EM Force (via charge, electroweak force).

    Hence, we dissolve majorana state in the Crystalline phase for the DMF: there is Dark Matter, no Antimatter.


     Magnetic North Pole

      Magnetic Poles No Unfolding but DMF as insulator in a crystalline phase 


     DMF = Insulator to majorana states 

    Magnetic South Pole


    The Crystalline Phase via infinite photonic states.



    Black Hole States at Horizons


    Black Hole States at Horizons and unfolding of Yang Mills Fields

    Ve to Vt +Y

    Unfolding of Yang Mills Fields S U(5)

    No Dual Gravity.

    Magnetic Monopoles are about Gluon (color) Surfaces and quantum field states.

    Gluon can be treated as a dimensional horizon mediator by Black Hole cavity states for protons. We will calculate the implosion point and energy.
    The gluon is a preexsistent majorana state.


    Quarks (reverse flip) via gluons and Ve, Vt

    Majorana , Weyl States, assigning electric charge to elements via a quantum threshold in the region of neutrality. Mass is about a charge flip and the gluon color condensate, for instance a color glass condensate via spin.

    E = MC2 can be looked upon as a quark flip state to the gluon color condensate for spin coupling and a diphoton alignment. This is how gravity can be dissolved.

    We have no charge as such but a charge bonding by the formation of elements.

    Charge is a result of the matter creation process in the Higgs field.
    Magnetic Poles are unfolded but induced by the elements to space vacuum. (no antimatter).

    Space is negatively charged: √(-1 ) = 0. The Black Hole State Horizons are about a dimensional energy transfer. A magnetic monopole state.

    Ve +-

    N <-> Z/e


    Soliton - Solenoid


    We set up a quantum solenoid state by a Dirac Higgs String that enables a solenoid (crystalline) phase. We apply tangents for the crystalline phase transition. We enable the soliton state by a photonic string in a quantum field state.

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    A Black Hole Cavity State by the Inner Infinity Notion



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    A Prelude to S-Duality



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    John Preskill
    California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California 91125




    Magnetic Monopoles: Quantization and Quasiparticles
    Kevin M. Ellis
    (Dated: May 6, 2013)



    Quantum Field Theory of Dirac Monopoles and the Charge Quantization Cond 



    From Color Glass Condensate to Quark Gluon Plasma through the event horizon
    Dmitri Kharzeev, Kirill Tuchin (BNL)
    (Submitted on 25 Jan 2005 (v1), last revised 22 Feb 2005 (this version, v2))
    We propose a new thermalization scenario for heavy ion collisions which at sufficiently high energies implies the phase transition to the quark--gluon plasma. The key ingredient of our approach is the Hawking--Unruh effect: an observer moving with an acceleration a experiences the influence of a thermal bath with an effective temperature T=a/2π, similar to the one present in the vicinity of a black hole horizon. For electric charges moving in external electromagnetic fields of realistic strength, the resulting temperature appears too small to be detected. However for partons in strong color fields the effect should be observable: in the Color Glass Condensate picture, the strength of the color-electric field is E∼Q2s/g (Qs is the saturation scale, and g is the strong coupling), the typical acceleration is a∼Qs, and the heat bath temperature is T=Qs/2π∼200 MeV. In nuclear collisions at sufficiently high energies the effect can induce a rapid thermalization over the time period of τ≃2π/Qs≃1 fm accompanied by phase transitions. We consider a specific example of chiral symmetry restoration induced by a rapid deceleration of the colliding nuclei. We argue that parton saturation in the initial nuclear wave functions is a necessary pre--condition for the formation of quark--gluon plasma. We discuss the implications of our "black hole thermalization" scenario for various observables in relativistic heavy ion collisions.
    The Color Glass Condensate

    F. Gelis, E. Iancu, J. Jalilian-Marian, R. Venugopalan
    (Submitted on 1 Feb 2010)
    We provide a broad overview of the theoretical status and phenomenological applications of the Color Glass Condensate effective field theory describing universal properties of saturated gluons in hadron wavefunctions that are extracted from deeply inelastic scattering and hadron-hadron collision experiments at high energies.