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    A phase crystal for the Economic phase transition


    Nash Equilibrium for a crystalline currency by surfaces of a metastable material – Quantum Computing – digital points – quantum annealing- The concept of preexistent states by an inner infinity convergence.

    The Nash Equilibrium can be realized for groups of a society by applying a metastable material for the phase transition between the quantum states by quantum annealing for a the inner infinity convergence of -1 by a negative refractive index.

    This is about the inner infinity convergence of 1 to n-fractal parts of existence:

    1 to 1/n-1 to 1/n-(n-1) to 1/n- (n-(n-1) … to 1/ n – fractal parts of n-(n-1).

    The boundary value (limes) of 1 is converging to the inner infinity convergence:

    Two up positive quarks of 1/3 is in a positive proton: 1/3 pos and -2/3 neg.
    In the world view of negative imaginary mass, the 1 is converging to its n-fractal parts of existence

           lim                                                                           lim (boundary value) inversed

    <------------------ 1                        ........  -->   1/n-(n-1)   <-------------- 1

    <------- lim 1

    <------------ 1/n-1

    <--------------- 1/n-(n-1)


    So that for z=-1 (Riemann Zeta) <-> infinity = -1/12 (Ramanujan),
    The stability constraints of the nuclei are about an inner infinity convergence and divergence.

    The boundary value (lim) is inverted.

    This can be represented by the Gluon swirling the anti gluon color taping quarks:

    A photonic mediation for the Color Glass condensate.

    The recipient – transmitter concept can be reversed:

    This is about a crystalline structure of preexistent states for
    the infinity notion ot a quantum Black Hole to particle surface state at


    t0= -1 to t0/t-1.


    Shares can be reestablished to t0 at n-n(-1) fractal quantum states.


    The photonic crystal for crystalline tessalations in a phase transition for a disilicium crystal in diffraction and interference by a metastable material with a negative refractive index for the phase transition: this is about the imprint of the Positive Charge identity by a magnetic monopole to the electron bonding of the anti hydrogen nucleus for a phase crystal:


    Quantum Computing: qC





    Quantum annealing qA







    Digital computing: dC


    The crystalline surfaces can be applied via game theory for the Nash Equilibrium and preexistent states. This is about broadening the base for research funding and technology transfer.


    The crystal MSQ can applied for MSQ n-1 for a crystal neutron to the color glass condensate of the majorana state of the positive charge identity. The fibre glass for crystal solitons.


    The swirling of the anti gluon color is for the crystal MSQ:

    The reversal of the quarks (swirl function) uud (proton) ddu (neutron)
    For the anti hydrogen nucleus we have an inverted phase transition via a negative proton by an n-1 fractal MSQ1 to Z.