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    A Global Trading System based on Trust and self balancing

    Game of trust


    A Global Trading System based on Trust and self balancing 


    Initial Kick Off post /DRAFT version 15. August 2017

    Dear friends, our governments have instigated people against each other by a false flag system and classifying and separating us into groups, like communist - capitalist, employee - employer, more or less "educated" (is Harvard really about Education?), consumer groups, rich and "poor" and so forth, but money is about nonsense only.

    Hence, when we want to do global trading and are aware of the Nash Equilibrium and that Adam Smith's Paradigm failed, but John Forbes Nash said it correctly, the economic "optimum" is reached when it is reached for whole and all groups of society (an "aha" moment!, a light bulb appears, hopefully), then how can we realize global trading without a fixed monetary system that enables both trust and sufficiently security?

    I give a starting point: it may be digitally by bio signed points (bio signature), but the key aspect is that there are globally balanced and locally referred commutations, exchange and self balancing algorithms that include local information but are balanced on a global scale with redundant cross checking systems - it is about debts handling as well and this technology is upholding itself by mind anarcho capital funding and technology transfer in virtual states - risk handling and risk preferences -- the Clue is to include and separate, comparable to Options and Futures Contracts at the Stock Exhange (for instance Ex, Cum), additives that are quasi FTL balancing and inherit a kind of a prediction or "positive" predictive analytics, a bit different as forseen in BigData!



    In a nutshell, to give a picturesque explanation, we are not harvesting or just transplanting "organs" but upholding life by giving "organs" an initial impulse for fractal self healing: data capsules may inherit fractal composites that are redundant and can be transformed and transposed.

    If someone of you has an idea without the Quantum Annealing Computing aspect, this would be great as well!

    And keep in mind that this will happen anyway, one way or the other!

    A similar application will be a substitute for the arXiv dot org Peer Review System of Cornell University.

    Sincerely Yours

    Oliver Thewalt