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    The verification of light not bending is Shadows

    This is why Einstein's STR and GTR are debunked, as predicted!

    His main work was about the photo-electric effect, which was correctly gratified by the Nobel Committee.

    Mass is the same as energy - mass is a unique imprint of an energy folding and bonding in a phase transition within space topology.  ~ Oliver Thewalt


    Note about imaginary negative mass in a beyond Dirac world view – seen from higgs string vacua foldings - BH identity to electron nuclear shell model


    "The verification of light not bending is Shadows " (~Michael Balmer)




    Gravitational Mass - Inertial Mass - Energy - Einstein Equivalence

    Relativistic deflection of background starlight measures the mass of a nearby white dwarf star




    Hubble Space Telescope image showing the close passage of the nearby white dwarf Stein 2051 B in front of a distant source star.




    A theory about the cause of gravity


    Special and General Relativity are meeting the quanta


    What is mass in view to energy - The Problem with the conservation of energy on a universal scale


    Is space-time countable?


    Inner infinity notion of existence in n-fractal dimensional transitions at horizons