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    Inner infinity notion of existence in n-fractal dimensional transitions at horizons

    In physics, an expression equaling zero means, the equation is "true", but what is Zero, and what is "true"? 

    Zero is about an inner infinity notion, stretching the lower and upper boundary of zero to (+/-) infinity. It is about the absolute zero of the quantum vacuum. 

    An equation being "true" is about the notion of existence: a phase transition within existence and non-existence. It is about a fractal dimension and transiting of ghost virtuals at Horizons. 

    Horizons are about particle to Black Hole state surfaces, foldings and energy bondings. You may say Schwarzschild escaping the Higgs-field horizons. 

    At horizons  √(-1 ) = 0 is not just about an equation, but about an n-fractal dimensional transiting of ghost virtuals. 

    Horizons are about a quantum non-quantum threshold of preexistent states. 

    Question: what would that be as Integral: ∫ -+ ∞ (mass to energy scaling in a topological phase transition at horizons for  √(-1 ) = 0)?

    Ramanujan has shown that at Horizons, the fundamental mathematical equation √(-1 ) = 0 is not just true, but gives birth to existence in phases via non-existence (unobservable universe) by folding and splitting up into n-fractal parts of the topological foldings in an

    m to n-1 phase transition (simplified): n to n-1 to n - (n-1) .... to a convergence and divergence of the inner infinity notion of m-fractal parts of n-1.

    This is why the universe is neither expanding nor contracting: our observations are about an imaginary photon to space boundary.

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