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    The Region of Neutrality as threshold between the quantum and non-quantum world

    Inertia is at first an observation by visible light, not an affect, but as gravity and Casimir an effect.
    There is no positive charge identity as such in the non-quantum world: the region of neutrality in the dark matter field is like a threshold between the quantum and non-quantum world.

    The positive charge identity is about a phase transition via ghost virtuals in an n-fractal dimensional transiting phase at Black Hole Horizons to Black Hole states (tessalations, tilings):

    At Black Hole states, √(-1 ) = 0, but this is not just an equation, it is about a transition of the charge identity and the splitting of the mediator (photon, black body radiation) and the dimensional energy oscillator, the neutrino, which is giving birth to mass condensation at Yang Mills fields via dimensional transmutation as a majorana spinor and quaternion

    At first, we have to know that the dark matter field is not: it is not about ordinary white matter, spinning of galaxies: rotations and mass, expansion and locations are an observation from the non-quantum world, such as CMB or red shift. The creation of the hydrogen via neutrons, neutrinos, the electro weak and strong force and photons will show you this. Look up the missing mass of the electron: the missing mass of the electron is the electron neutrino. What is the mass to charge ratio of the proton to the electron?

    The universe has no edge, it does even not exist as such. We can analogize the universe by its nuclear structure. These are phases of existence and non-existence.



    The expansion and local contraction on a universal scale can be attributed to an imaginary photon to space boundary. Adapt the Dirichlet boundaries beyond 4 Vector Space and Fourier domains:

    It is about a mediation and convergence of an inner infinity notion.

    What is imaginary negative mass in a beyond Dirac world view?

    Is there transport through space? What is energy in view to mass for quasi FTL phenomena such as Black Holes, gravity or dark matter?

    We should abandon the notion of transport through space for such phenomena. Every particle can be matter or antimatter due to its charge identity. Mass is about charge conjugation in the quarks, gluons taping quarks, cp-violation and an imprint of a quasi magnetic monopol to the non-quantum world via the higgs string vacua foldings and bondings.

    Inertial Mass is in this world view not equivalent to gravitational mass. Einstein’s Weak (WEP) and strong Equivalence principles are broken in a beyond Dirac world view.

    The Casimir effect is in principle about micro gravity or the mediation of cavity states due to dimensional transmutations. It is as gravity not a force at all!

    Heisenberg can be refined by the notion of a phase transition of the positive charge identity in the quarks by the gluons: gluons are about Schwarzschild horizons of protons forming by frequency bondings in the outer nuclear configuration of the nuclei measuring inverse entropy states of string vacua as Black Hole to particle (wave) states: this is about finite surfaces in infinite waves by proton foldings, forming as a 2D world sheet – the termination of the seemingly two ends in itself as a closed ring in mathematics, forming prime numbers, as formations of quarks, efimov states and penta quarks.

    This is why Unruh radiation remains a theoretical concept for the non-quantum world, but is being measureable as a deviation of a Black Hole state by the surfaces of particles emitting light waves while annihilation with space, which is negatively charged and divisible by a gamma quant circumference to the density (permeability, permittivity) of the quantum vacuum (perfect fluid notion) at every point of existence in the region of neutrality. Black Body radiation and Hawking radiation will be explainable by this: the particle formation does not happen in Black Holes as particle anti-particles states: the Higgs is about the formation of elements in the dark matter field. The Higgs mechanism cannot explain what is intended to explain. The concept of mass and rest mass should be adapted: imaginary negative mass. Dark Energy is about uncharged electrons.


    Cavity states are about a gamma ray release via neutron virtuals as a Black Hole state inversion (implosion): the 2D world sheet bondings and foldings (protons) get dissected at Horizons.


    A theory about the cause of gravity

    Duality theory by Maldacena