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    What have you done to your children?

    A Genius is not about IQ, intelligence is not about the brain, the brain is not about thinking

    Muslims are friendly, children loving people, but in our westen parliaments, in Europe and the USA, in the jurisprudence, in the medical faculties, at the police, officials, at Universities, at the army, there are plenty of right wing people, racists and /or pedophiles or homosexuals, torturig children and women ...TaTa


    These pedophile rings try to be neglected, but are ruling our countries by bad science, torture people by wrong rumors, reversing cause and effect, accusing innocent people, children loving friendly and bright people, like Muslims, Africans, people from Indonesia or India, south-east asia, south america being thefts, terrorists or rapers or criminals, but it is just the other way round, members of our parliaments, our jurisprudence, state officials, our police or army, universities, escpecially of the areas linked to profitable business, clerks, clercis are pedophiles, homosexuals and right wing terrorists in any aspect: thefts, criminials, murderers, fake news makers, fascists, rapers, raping women or children, torturing their own children, men beating their women, raping whole cultures ..... they are the terrorists, and it is proven by science!

    Amy Bishop: aspects of a capital murder

    Professor Chimp


    This is wrong according to systems and quantum biology.

    But the link of a neuro scientist to a right wing homosexual pedophile is obvious, how can that be?


    Pedophile rings like Rotary International, World Vision or Plan International, WWF are spreading polio vaccines, the people who are in the UK parliament .. .dangerous people and bad science, the report to the UK ministry of internal affairs in 1990 was ignored and brought down .... now the scandal of Rotherham in UK, human trafficking and sexual abuse proteced by judges and the police, the same for the Falun Gong in China, political inmates being tortured and killed for organ trade!


    Where are all those "geniuses"? In the BRICS or Himalaya states, South America, North Africa, East South Asia, Indonesia. Why? Why has the USA the worst education system known to science? Why was the H1B Visa the secret weapon of the USA, enabling Silicon Valley, the intelligence services by mathematics and technology, cryptography, enabling US AMRIID, network protocols, computer languages, computer technology, or research in theoretical physics, nuclear physics or nuclear fission, microbiology?

    Who enabled Los Alamos and the atomic or hydrogen bomb? The hungarians fleeing from NAZI Germany,  Lise Meitner and her Nephew, Otto Frisch.


    Systems biology says, that the ENS and your gut, your immune system and everything linked to this, nutrition and your social environment are responsible for your well being, your "intelligence", because the brain is just a part of this, not even thinking as such or giving orders, more administering and responding to signals of your body, reacting to your immune system, your gut neurons and the lymphatic system by quantum markers, antibodies, microorganisms, short chain fatty acids or scavanger cells influencing the microglia by overcoming the blood cerebral barrier. 

    There is no "intelligence" for living beings, this is an invention by supporters of intelligent design, and what is supposed to be "intelligence", the capability to have a meaningful response in the broadest sense to things happening in your environment, by your actions or by the immune system, or whatever, your body-mind interaction and your environment is about "intelligence", and this, for instance is happening when you seemingly get cancer, there is no programmed cell death, on quantum level, in nature, there is no coding, no programming (look up for instance bet hedging or quorum sensing), your body mind "intelligence" is in turmoil because it realizes being outcasted from your social environment, unless your are not close to a source of high radiation or an NPP, because you have lost your job, a good friend or someone you love, or you are being expelled, financial fraud, being tackled by financial intrigues and vicious games, your cells get in turmoil and there is a link to cell divison and telomers on quantum level, this is what causes cancer mainly, nothing else, except radiation or a vaccine, because there is a strong link of cancer to microorganisms in your gut, and RNA Viruses, your virome and the HLA Complex, the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), Human Papillomavirus (HPV), your immune system and an immune response. 

    Everything you have been told by western scientists is more or less wrong or just the other way round, reversing and inversing cause and effect or neglecting that in the quantum world, there is no direct attribution of cause and effect to the observable world, visible light, or the so called real world in the Einstein world view.


    A Genius is not about IQ, intelligence is not about the brain, and the brain is not about thinking or controlling your body.

    A Genius is about a talent being interfered in childhood, means a baby or a kid facing any sort of violence or lack or parental care, parents beating kids because their cultures have been destroyed by facists, or because they are from a fascist culture like in Germany or the UK, being raped in the broadest or narrowest meaning, being interfered in their social life, in their immune system, for instance by a sterile environment in any sense.


    Genius is the recovery of childhood at will - I am intact and I do not give a damn

    The USA and Europa are conscioulsy creating dependent geniuses, for instance by vaccination or antibiotics, conditions in hospitals, SARS or MERS - the brightest natural minds are from the BRICS states and states close to the BRICS states, for instance in the Himalaya or Indonesia, India, South or Middle America, North Africa, West Africa, East Europe, the Philipines, and there are thousands and millions of them, being neglected by Harvard or CalTech.


    Racists and pedophile rings are making all those bright children loving people defenseless by their insane business models! What we have to do is to bring down the murderes in the western parliaments and governments, liberate our education, our education to our children, and the states being intefered by the western racists, enabling their natural culture again, phasing out of the nuclear fission, phasing out of NPP, shifting technology from electron to photon based mind set, biofluorescence, opening architecture to natural compounds, houses to an open side with elements of water, plants and light, water in movement.

    We have to bring down those fascist - catholicist states - by controlling and disempowering bad governments and debunking bad science, by showing that we are ruled by a dictatorship of education called "democracy", manipulation of elections and non-voters by making people poor and defenseless, casting  them out, and freezing out the most brilliant and bright minds, seemingly simple people who have been silenced and dampered by our schools and universities, by bad Professorship and teachers, by unshooling them or allowing parents to teach their children at home, by disempowering police forces and granting civil rights, giving police forces education so that they can care better about their families and shift their work from hunting witches by bad science or playing PreCrime to social care and environmental care: the officer of our future is a children loving family man, as we know it from Pakistan or India, a long long time ago, but not in a different galaxy, I hope, who is educated in environmental sciences and not in profiling people by bad FBI science, because DNA, direct inheritence by genetics or a direct link by a p-value interpretation of studies or observations  between a disease, which does not exist as such in nature, but highly adaptable pathogens on quantum level and their vectors by a change in the environment and prey (look up the link between prey and our virome).


    What we were doing now is to leak all this bad science and people, protecting authentic whistleblowers and bring those murderers down to Earth again, as well as Einstein and his AI and intelligent design colleagues!

    We do no more want ongoing monsoon but natural rain and natural change, strengthen our adaptability, our minds, enabling our natural talents, our natural preferences, see the beauty in nature, and allow a natural fight in order to avoid a godless world by minor racist - fascist and catholicist minds!

    Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal


    Tens of thousands of people have been killed in China so their organs can be sold to transplant tourists


    Cameron Todd Willingham

    Political Murder to an innocent, bright and children loving man



    Connection between SIV - HIV, Polio Vaccine, SV40, Recombinant DNA, Cancer and Malaria Research


    About Dengue and Zika, Vaccination and Dengue test


    Dr Andrew Wakefield is correct



    How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime

    he FBI is about bad science, I think ....

    Genetics, Human Migration, and the Sociology of Race

    Mystery of Da Vinci's mother solved: Caterina was an orphan living in a decrepit farmhouse who got pregnant at 15 in a FIELD with son Leonardo:


    Caterina 'was a peasant fallen on bad times, and you cannot be much lower in the social pile than that.