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    Of Facts

    or why science is not about nature:

    There cannot be facts in nature, existence needs non-existence,
    the dote needs the antidote,
    it is about a transition or phase transition, energy scaling and motion, oscillation, vibration, life .....

    noone was asking me why I was citing Gauß?

    Invariance of fermions and bosons after 720, 360 degree respectively of rotation in space?

    What space? 4D? 3D + Time?

    Symmetry or asymmetry to what?

    But what about Charge Conjugation, Pair Production, CP or CPT Violation, topological phase transition or the tessalations and tilings at horizons?

    Surface Physcis? Surface of what? Hydrogen Bridge Bonding? Non-Linear Energy - binding, bonding, folding?.

    .... but isn't the transition within the states and the folding and bonding to the outer nuclear shell in the configuration of the e+ e- transition within protons more significant?



    If the facts do not fit the theory, change the facts! :-)