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    Racial Profiling at region of Southern California

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    Subject: Re: Fwd: Process thing *************************
    Date: Tue, April 25, 2017 19:37:24 +0200
    From: NEOGRID eV Oliver Thewalt <************
    To: Michael Martinek ******* @ ** ** uni saarland.de >

    Dear Mr. Martinek,

    at one point I agree with you, judges, prosecutors, lawyers and jurists in general
    are like me and humans.

    My specialty is regrettably not jurisprudence, as the saying goes umgangassprachlich, or law,
    but rather the natural sciences and humanities, social sciences and economics also,
    among other things, game theory and mathematics, probability theory and certainly the theoretical physics or chemistry ...

    and Photonics, Qauntum annealing and quantum computers, transcendent computing and astrophysics, cosmology and string theory,
    Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Fusion or Fission, Space Sciences and Astrobiology, micro-, systems and quantum biology,  to name just a few.

    Not to mention philosophy, metaphysics and epistemology, and some others, gravity
    and matter creation process in the Higgs field, and I most of these theories, as well as for anti-matter
    or Positive Charge Identity just out of my mind, or how the Feynman student and professor for all these subjects at CalTech,
    Jonathan vos Post put it, even to me, "just out of my mind" developed have, and the one for Dark Matter field
    the new formula for the hydrogen atom only two people in the world, if I was not mistaken again,
    have understood, that my colleague from Montclair, New Jersey, who had studied physics at a US elite university,
    and is now regarded as the world's greatest physicists of Nuclear Physics, working in a lab for Nuclear Physics in the United States, Michael Balmer, and me.

    If you need professional help really sleep on one of these subjects,
    I can certainly happy to assist you as a professional in these issues, and with my talent!

    Only one I have not yet figured out, namely how to
    despite the knowledge that Newton was considered Alchemist in the Nautrwissenschaften, magic food out of words?

    Or what kind of professional help the actors would have needed in this case to find out a fact after years of knowledge and of research, for which I had less than 15 minutes, even without consulting a fire scientist, used, namely that Cameron Todd Willingham was innocent?

    The case Cameron Todd Willingham - political murder of an innocent person for election manipulation


    Dear Mr. Martinek, did you know that Isaac Newton, considered the genius himself, in a fundamental issue of Science
    had greatly mistaken namely the question of whether gravity is a fundamental force of nature?

    Yes, because gravity is not among the forces as the electro weak or weak and electro magentic and strong or nuclear force with certainty is as a "Effect" and no cause of the relationship of matter or Massekondensierung (BEC) to the BH Horizons construed to quantum vacuum, whereby one can consider the relativistic QVakuum like a perfect liquid after the Kondensierungsprozess in the EM Yang Mills fields of the SU (5) gauge Groups has occurred.

    Well, Newton was clearly a man, he was wrong!

    But what do they say about people who have, as in the Middle Ages, so much power that you get the idea,
    To classify women, who certainly belong to the category man as witches, and then arrange these, alive
    something like what makes China with Falun Gong members to burn?

    Are the people or fantasy creatures, possibly monster? People könnnen it according to our definition not be, because people are wrong as well known, but these people as seen in said case to Cameron Todd Willingham pentagrams and evil Fantasiewesen name "Iron Maiden", which must be terrible fellow who declared themselves infallible , ask yourself refused the application of common sense appeared even discuss! How can that be?

    The application of a distinction based on the causes of observations which can already be explained by the recent theory of the null hypothesis that lawyers would certainly have helped, but it is even people, not monsters or Fanatasiegestalten mind you, or even "witches" (what pray tell is that supposed , be able to conjure food from books or content empty words? that would be outrageous! enter), so I was at least reported by other professionals in my compartment that have the even solved a long-regarded as outdated and extinct method that you with called the comic, often occurring in legal parlance called "common sense", then a long long time! And sometimes it took only a few minutes, seconds or even milliseconds,
    understand and process what need other obvious weeks, months and years, and natural contexts so in something of slower than some of our contemporaries for it, however, mind itself, that is a matter of relationship and in contrast to the quantum vacuum and ring theory from mathematics a designating to both ends of the physical zero open relationship in constant communication and change of nature as infallible, Gosh!

    "If a machine is expected to be infallible, it can not therefore be intelligent" ~ Alan Turing

    "It is not about the question Whether computers are able to think, but human beings are Whether" ~ Alan Turing

    Now I have a question for you, our dear Professor Martinek:

    If we're on the previously predicted,
    So people are not infallible, and women are people, and witches have sprung fantasy figures from a non common sense, devised by people with high unnatural power over other people,

    deductive and transitive logic in a scalar vector space apply,
    what allocation of events (or instances) MAN - INFALLIBLE BEING - MONSTER - WITCH - WOMAN - FANCY SHAPE - COMMON SENSE you wüden then make?

    We can and this interesting question will be happy to give.

    With great anticipation I await your answer!

    Similarly, if you feel overwhelmed with this question, then I offer you love and without any obligation to professional help!

    Best regards

    Oliver Thewalt


    > Dear Mr. Thewalt,
    > Thank you for the information and also the telephone conversation. But I have to sincerely ask for your understanding that I can with the matter does not deal in detail because I'm snowed during the current summer semester teaching and research so much that I have great pains to keep everything reasonably under control. Sometimes I hardly know where my head is. I simply lack the resources to deal adequately with your concerns. I must advise you to seek professional help from others. I wish you every success and happiness!
    > Best wishes and regards,
    > Michael Martinek