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    eMail Conversation with Professor Jonathan Vos Post

      Oliver Thewalt
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      eMail Conversation with Jonathan, I have written  this:

      the reason why I have no work is not that I am lazy,
      or I am not willing to work,
      but because my own family has interfered my life and talent,
      have raped me and done physical harm,
      have spread wrong rumors
      and made me poor
      tried to kill me

      but for them the sun is shining, they are rich
      and everbody thinks I am from the upper class,
      I was poor unless I  was working, for instance
      for Software AG of North America, in Reston Va, USA
      with Roel Pieper,
      this was my achievement,
      the Correspondence University of Hagen was close to install the 4th generation language NATURAL and NATURAL Expert, and the ADABASE DB (in 1989) of the SAGNA or Multinational Software AG at their data center,
      I had talks to Wall Street Banks, my boss, a dutchman,  the best boss I ever had, has allowed me this own project, I was an apprentice, a stagier in the summer of 1989 in Reston, Virginia, Roel Pieper is an open minded kind of a CEO, he was vice president at this time, later on CEO of Phillips, I was allowed to visit the IJCAI in Detroit, in about August 1989.

      My boss sold software to Morgan Stanley, and my project about an application in knowledge engineering for portfolio management by the help of a Dissertation of a PH D student of Professor Schlageter, member of Board of the Codasyl Conference about Very Large Database Systems, Stefan Kirn, today Professor in Stuttgart Hohenheim, about cooperative expert system agents in the AI field has helped him selling a lot!

      I have earned 9.000 Deutsche Marks in 10 weeks as a student at this summer!

      And 2.000 DM in Munich, February 1989, at Bayerische Vereinsbank AG, with Dr Röske, head of project financing for EUROTUNNEL consortium at BV AG, at this time in 1989, today they merged with Hypobank, HypoVereinsbank Munich.

      I was student of the European Business School in Oestrich Winkel, Germany, Schloß Reichartshausen (Rheingau)  at this time, studying Business Administration, but I was forced by my father to do this, the same for joining the Army as a Wehrpflichtiger (W15 at that time), all my applications to foreign universities in UK,
      USA or France with replies have been littered by my racists pedohile step father and my catholizist Mother, a rich fascist gouvernant without any education, being apathetic to their children, beating them fircely with passion and prefers to kill her own children!

      My talents being neglected. I was often been put into the dark cellar, beaten, forced to everything, to serve my parents, nothing else, declared being silly and ugly, taking drugs, or what else, I never took drugs, never smoked until then, I started smoking cigarettes at the age of 27, but stopped again, only due all this violence and ignorance, my father is completely insane, crying at me, every form of violence and kind of raping,
      so this cannot have been my fault!


      Jonathan, my brother has attacked me fiercely in January 1990 in his flat, 16ième arrondissement, Paris, as I was an apprentice at Software AG France in Paris.

      He has worked for Brown Brothers Harriman, Rond Point des Champs-Elysées, Paris, as a broker for NYC Headquaters, 59 Wall Street.

      He invited me as in summer 1989, during my Semester at ebs Paris, école de gestion superieur, Place Vendôme,
      but he abused his power and threatened me to fire me from his flat in Paris, I should have gone to a hotel,
      I only asked him at the night whether he really intends to send me out of his flat the next morning,
      I was so amazed, I could not believe it, he was earning about 200.000 $ a year, as he said, for 600 DM rent?

      But he invited me as last year in summer semester 1989 at ebs Paris, he said this before we left St.Ingbert, in my car! I didn't ask him to pay for the journey in my car to Paris!

      I am sure the rent of 600 DM has been a pretext in order to destroy my life, he was always raping me, destroying my property, attacking me fiercely ... all my life .... I had to give him the money after he did no more let me in his flat when I went to his home from work in Paris. And later he attacked my even more fiercely, my father was witnessing, he didn't care .... he was present, at his home.

      My brother pretended to have tried to commit suicide in order to shock me, he cried at me like a hatemonger, tried to urge me and things like this.

      Some days later in January 1990 in Paris, he had a car accident with his girlfriend, my brother was the driver, he was driving too fast in Paris, his new car was gone, no insurance, 70.000 Deutsche Mark gone! So why did he need 600 DM from me? After I was asking about the next day in this flat in Paris, he
      suddenly has hit me in my face, at my glasses, my glasses did split, I stood there full of blood ... and was shocked....

      What should I have done? Attacking him? You know that he wanted exactly this, so that he, the broker can put me, the worthless student into prison.

      This was his plan, he always wanted me to visit his house in Saarbrücken, in order to trap me, he knew I was angry at him, same dirty plan.

      Whom do you think they would have believed, the student Oliver, or my father and my brother?

      How could I defend myself against people I loved? My father denies it, but he would immediately have stopped to pay the tuition fees for my studies at European Business School.

      He is a dirty control freak!

      He needed to control everything, as my step father, a racist!

      Was this my fault?

      No C Compiler for my Atari ST in 1985, why? This was expensive at that time, I had no access to a hacked or copied version at this time, in school, noone had any.

      Why? For my step father everything, for me nothing what I ever wanted to do! Nothing and never!

      At companies, they asked me for grades only ... I had none, but not due to any inability, but due to racism and hatemongers in my own familiy!

      I would have prefered to study natural sciences or/and computer science, no BAFÖG in Germany for students who have parents with a high income, why don't they decouple this?

      The income of my parents was misused in order to rape and control me!