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    Why phasing out of nuclear fission is enabling information technology and the energy sector

      Oliver Thewalt
      By Oliver Thewalt

      As Michael Balmer recognized that this model debunks the existence of the Higgs Boson, he deleted his comment "Excellent" in our secret group, when I started to develop and show it to him!

      Note about imaginary negative mass in a beyond Dirac world view – seen from (higgs) string vacua foldings - BH states - BH identity- and electron nuclear shell model


      Dark Matter as a topological phase transition in the region of neutrality  




      As I told you, we do not need such electron positron (e- e+) Colliders in order to develep a more appropriate theory! #FCC #LEP

      We can save this money and concentrate on the technology transfer, education, promotion of students and talents.

      Moreover CERN is hiding the nuclear waste by this LHC! During the upgrade, they are doing some maintenance work, cleaning some nuclear waste with a long half life!


      Probably Strontium or Thorium ions, and some more!

      I have found out that the main reason for a NPP is not the production of energy for current, but for nuclear weapons grade material. Hinkley Point C cannot reach the net earning area, this is not foreseen at all!

      This is why I recommended the BRICS states to phase out of the nuclear and NPP or nuclear fission, and start to develop the photonic, biophotonic and biofluorescence technology for computing devices, screens, lightning and housing!

      This will help the BRICS states to defend themselves against the USA: they can no more justify their attacks!

      Furthermore, they can save energy and lower the radiation levels, improve the IT technology, making it more feasible, more healthy, a lot faster, save weight and enlarging the operation time of mobile devices.

      Here are some first information in order to enable this on the science level: