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    Dark Matter as a topological phase transition in the region of neutrality

    I agree to Feynman student Prof Jonathan vos Post, CalTech, that there is no Higgs Particle, but

    a topological phase transition within the Higgs String Vacua:

    The Higgs is related to a negative e string via the electron neutrino - keep apart the electron from proton via Ve in the hydrogen nucleus.

    Space is negatively charged - there would be annihilation at every point of existence otherwise -

    Antimatter is shielded for the same reason - shielded in the real and quantum world upon the folding of the higgs string vacua.

    Dark Matter explains, why physicists claimed a matter - antimatter symmetry break, but there is no antimatter, but dark matter:

    the neutron and the neutrino are about a negative charge transition to existence becoming a proton.

    Shielding of antimatter is not within an EM field, but by a majorana imprint of a ghost virtual transiting - a phase shift neutrino.

    The evidence can easily be shown once you alter the Einstein world view.

    The folding and bonding to the OUTER electron nucelar shell model - higgs string vacua are part of this transition (Ve, Oscillation, foundation for Pauli's exclusion principle).

    It is about a phase transition within a dimensional transition (space topology)  - but you have to alter the  world view of transport through space and invariance.

    In the notion of infinity you can show how fourier domains are being transformed by an inner (photonic) infinity mediation at horizons.

    No gain no loss (Einstein) gravity is within the higgs string field ( - e space neg!) –pull/push.

    DM via Higgs string field - different gravity - DE Is uncharged!

    It is just the other way round: CERN claimed to have discovered the God Particle, but there is no Higgs Particle

    Dark Matter is about the Region of Neutrality at every occurance of space. It is about charge conjugation, cp-violation and pair production.

    Look up the mass to charge ratio of the proton to the electron. What is mass defect?

    The positive charge identity (positron) is just an imprint to the real world -

    the outer nuclear shell CONFIGURATION of the hydrogen atom will show you this.

    The periodic table of elements is not appropriate for a beyond Dirac world view - the speed of light is a threshold to this imprint.