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    About Dengue and Zika, Vaccination and Dengue test

    I had an eMail conversation with Jonathan, and he knows it .... this should break the neck of vaccination, because it cannot work at all!

    No outer infinity but an inner n-fractal infinity mediation - no expansion of the universe or why CalTech and Harvard are wrong in physics and biology.




    We were looking for solutions in the environmental conditions, and this we tried at Pakistan, but even there, they perfer their insane business models  - I showed them the link of Dengue to Zika virus, and have found what Dengue vaccination is about, nothing than fraud!

    This is what they want to sell, and nothing else, and it cannot work!

    Now, get dengue test results in just 48 hours

    The interpretation of Quantum Markers will show you!

    Dengue outbreak in Karachi, Pakistan, 2006: experience at a tertiary care center




    The role of complement and antibody in opsonization and intracellular killing of Candida albicans.

    A Homogeneous, High-Throughput Assay for Phosphatidylinositol 5-Phosphate 4-Kinase with a Novel, Rapid Substrate Preparation


    Of Quantum Markers: Antibody -Opsonization
    Quote: "
    Anitbody Opsonization is the process by which a pathogen (virus, fungi or bacteria that causes disease) is marked of ingestion and destruction by a phagocyte (white blood cells that protects the body by ingesting harmful foreign particles). Opsonization involves the binding of an opsonin i.e., antibody, to a receptor on the pathogen’s cell membrane. Antibodies are proteins that exist in bodily fluids and are used both as a detection and response device by the immune system. After opsonin binds to the membrane, phagocytes are attracted to the pathogen. So, Opsonization is a process in which pathogens are coated with a substance called an opsonin, marking the pathogen out for destruction by the immune system."




    Dengue may bring out the worst in Zika


    Dengue virus sero-cross-reactivity drives antibody-dependent enhancement of infection with zika virus



    Dengue is a Zika Vector! #Jetstreams 

    Did India hide its first cases of Zika virus?


      • Oliver Thewalt
        Oliver Thewalt

        They want to sell this dengue test,
        and it says nothing ...

        I have seen people, that were diagnosed with colonic cancer,
        the screening is worthless,
        NEVER screen cancer, screening can induce cancer,
        cancer is a pure fantasy invention by Harvard medics
        there are malignant tumors, but this is something different .......

        After 4 years in cancer research, I made a monumental breakthrough.

        And I know how to avoid it , but I cannot avoid radiation when I am close to an NPP

        I recommended the BRICS states to phase out all their NPP and select a different energy strategy, and start to phase shift the electonics (electron) to photonics (photon) , also at devices and screens ....