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    Dr Andrew Wakefield is correct

    Dr Wakefield is correct and he is not an antivaxxer, this terminology is nonsense ...the claim that he has earned money by this is nonsense, what has happened is that the CDC has made the same findings as Andrew Wakefield: destroying a microorgansim in early childhood by an MMR vaccine or antibiotics is interfering the immune system by an immune response and the lymphatic system, We need to apply systems biology: autism is not a neurological disorder but a cause of an immune response ovecoming the blood cerebral barrier via scavanger cells interfering the mircoglia.

    But vaccines are for political control only, because they cannot work as suggested: the variablity of pathogens is too high, the protein surface physics cannot be predicted, this is IMPSSOSIBLE in nature as Carl Friedrich Gauß has shown

    Theorema Egregium


    Black Hole to proton surfaces


    The CDC has advised their staff to destroy their own study after they made exactly the same findings as Dr Andrew Wakefield!

    Press Release: Link between the immune system and the brain - neuro-immune connections



    Vaccines are being disproved by Carl Friedrich Gauß, it is about the inability to train the "immune system" which cannot be seen isolated and to predict pathogens, which have a high variability, and there are no rotational translations within 3D, because gauge theory is about a tautology, there are no symmetries in space, it is about surface physics and protein surface physics. The "correct" science is about hydrogen bridge bonding and protein membrane folding within a phase transition.
    ...... the protein surface physics cannot be predicted, this is IMPSSOSIBLE in nature as Carl Friedrich Gauß has shown
    Theorema Egregium
    Black Hole to proton surfaces
    You can apply this to T cells and leucocytes. the more appropriate approach is about quantum markers (for instance the transition between IgA <-> IgM) and systems or quantum biology
    And btw. there is just a very high variability of pathogens, the cause is about environmental conditions, the adapatability of the immune system in western countries and cross species transmissions in less indsutrialized countries, colonialism and the hunger for resources!