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    About Cancer

    Cancer: There is no programmed cell death - nature is neither programming nor decoding, cancer is an invention in order to control the population. #USAMRIID

    Cancer: on quantum level, there cannot be "programmed cell death".

    Cancer: What is aging? Cell division to happen?  Length of  Telomers? Relation of the "lenght" of telomers to cell division?

    Carl Friedrich Gauß: there are no spatial translations within a 3D Space ...


    but there is spatial alignment within a phase transition.

    The observation cancer is about a body mind interference causing a host cell revolution as  a kind of an

    auto immune response and radtiation (or mutation): (fermionic) beta decay of atoms within a density distribution.


    Theorema Egregium


    Telomer,   Pssssst  Black Hole to proton surfaces http://hixgrid.de/blog/view/66425/black-hole-to-proton-surfaces

    Protein surface physics!