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    How to enable particle physics and technology transfer by minds and talents

    The question remains unanswered why I have to unravel nuclear physics the LHC Collider can not do while being unpaid?

    We are far beyond the physics the e+e- Collider can handle, while most work remains unpublished because it is unpaid! #FCC #LEP

    A circular electron positron Collider is not appropriate in order to handle a Quantum Threshold in a region of neutrality.

    Our mind is able to develop the theory by observing nature, performing an experimental setup by a measurement.

    For instance in a Stellar Triple System https://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v505/n7484/full/nature12917.html

    My proposal is to shift money from Colliders to decentral project participants: Colliders are needed in order to develop the technology.

    But we can improve the results of #particle #physics by enabling minds and talents, and put the money we saved into the technology transfer.

    An other way of improving particle physics is to give minds and talents an official reputation by an official statement.

    The seemingly need for a PH D or Professorship is interfering minds from doing what they are able to in particle physics.

    We need to unleash this potential in order to master the next challenges in particle physics.

    Our minds are interfered by the seemingly need to show a proof or evidence by visible light or Mathematics at FIRST.

    New Mathematics is being developed, but our minds are interfered because the request to put the unobservable universe into a mathematical form first is slowing us down.


    New Mathematics for Dark Matter by Michael Balmer

    But it works just the other way round! #measurement #mass #energy #visible #light #BHstate #horizons #tessalation #tilings

    What we need to do is to collect the best minds in particle physics, asking questions.