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    Why nuclear fission is about string vacua folding and topological bonding within a phase transition

    WOW; I Love this post, I just have screend the copy at Linked in and felt excited ......
    ",the breakdown of the quark gluon exchange and the electrostatic field is not strong enough against the electric attraction of the quark charges as they approach equilibrium,what this means is as the quark gluon interactions weakens and the two down quarks are mutually attracted to the up quark,however their repulsion is greater than the attractive force and the particle begins to split or decay into a proton,electron and neutrino,which is a marvel since the neutron is suppose to neutral or of no charge yet produce two charged particles from itself." yes, this part is the first step towards more appropriate phyiscs!
    I was always wondering about theorizing string break in QCD, the main error according to my findings is to set up QCD by theorizing distance of particles and sub-particles, (QED you need energy to "press" them (fission), QCD you need energy to disscet them, what? I think it is about energy scaling, motion and charge, as you explained, Michael, and about space topology and folding in the (higgs) string vacua!
    I have a thought since some time that nuclear fission is not about "fisson" but about charge conjugation, energy scaling and oscillation, mass defect (!) (defect, what?), the (electron (outer (!) nuclear shell model and space topology via (higgs) string vacua and topological folding (proton existence to non-existence scaling in an enthalpy model for inverse entropy ....
    This is why I wrote this: rub your eyes!!
    Isn't there something strange? exothermic, endothermic? .... in order to overcome the beryllium barrier, it needs energy and a quantum tunneling event as well, after hydrogen burning, helium burning is being theorized, 3 alpha process: for the endothermic process (simplified) 4He + 4He --> 8Be + a gamma quant release (!) y - 0,09178 MeV you need energy to happen, and you have the back reaction 8Be -> 4He + 4He + 0,09178 MeV, For the exothermic process to happen 8Be + 4He -> 12C + y + 7,367 MeV,

    excerpt taken from this post http://hixgrid.de/blog/view/66826/big-bang-dark-matter-and-cosmic-4he-from-hydrogen-burning-to-the-quest-for-nucleosynthesis … gamma quant? (!) my intuition told me it is vice versa!
    Michael, have a look here please, from 3 alpha process, german WIKI:
    4He + 4He --> 8Be + a gamma quant release (!) y - 0,09178 MeV you need energy to happen, and you have the back reaction 8Be -> 4He + 4He + 0,09178 MeV,
    8Be + 4He -> 12C + y + 7,367 MeV
    the y is for photon, yes, but I think that for a quantum threshold or quasi FTL world view we need for fusion and fission, how can this just be a photon or high energy photon, we need to refresh these assertions by including the radiation and annihilation, these equations do not offer the best view we could have, I think, what about theorizing a gamma quant in order to get a better understanding of the inherent gamma ray realease: the Black Hole micro state like cavity of a proton like the Black Hole in an HyperNova (implosion (!)), the Schwarzschild Horizon is abt the space topology and string folding ot the Proton ...........
    I feel more and more that my findings are being confirmed over and over .... :-) :-) :-)
    Note about imaginary negative mass in a beyond Dirac world view – seen from (higgs) string vacua foldings - BH states - BH identity- and electron nuclear shell model