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    Of talent and education

    I think that there never was a "revolution", the french "revolution" was just a myth, for the same reason Napoleon made his act, just because it was a logic consequence of historic events, he could easily detect that he cannot stop this development, and THEN he was willing to enact the Napolean Act, but only for the reason to save his life and power, because otherwise he feared to be removed violently!!

    The Bourgeoise was behind the french revolution, - liberté, fraternité, egalié? What a myth, it was still about an ideology and racism, economic exploitation, this is the same analogy to Napoleon, -behind- the law was still the bourgeoisie!

    Now transfer this to the reason why Henry Ford raised the wages - same principle: what Ford communicated was that this company wants to fight poverty and help blue shirt workers, but what happened really was that Ford could lower his costs due to lessening worker fluctuations, because training unskilled workers and hiring them is a cost factor he could diminish by this, and his goon squad was threatening his workers by "visiting" them in their poor homes. Look it up, please, how poor their housing was and what Henry Ford really did!

    And later on, after his megelomania, he dissected himslef from his own creation, this huge plant he has built, and fleed to an own illusional island in nature, his personal paradise, look what he did with his son!

    Both and especially Henry Ford was never happy! And this is what made him insane! Did he ever admit this? No? But I know, don' t you see this?

    Happy people would not do things like this, won't they?

    This is why I proposed this model by a quantum threshold, no trickle down approach, a silent evolution - talent is not about an education system! :-)

    Education is about enabling talents and families - Register at Hixgrid


    I have a lot of proposals to fix things, in economics or politics or science or education, the situation is not that I cannot fix it, but that fraud is caused by bad education and proposals are just being ignored, due to an ongoing manipulation of elections and silencing people's talents!

    My models for economics are fully valid! Most is unpublished, just a few key ideas by John Forbes Nash about Nash Equilibria

    Begründung des Bedingungslosen Grundeinkommens aus der Wirtschaftstheorie - Nash Equilibrium -Technologietransfer und Positiver Netto Effekt


    Change our culture from electron to photon based mind set


    For resarch and funding

    Mind Anarcho Capital - Phase Transition by research and mind technology transfer


    For energy

    Neither Cold Fusion nor fission but Cavity state mediation for either initiating gamma ray release or a photonic mediation of an adiabatic state - where are the thermodynamics?


    And many more :)


    Of Hatemongers - Lovecraftian novella by Jonathan Vos Post - Oliver Heaviside