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    Education is about enabling talents and families - Register at Hixgrid

    Hello dear friends,

    There are more and more students from the BRICS states interested in registering at Hixgrid.

    Many students and scientists asked me to work for me in Germany or pursue their dissertation/PH D under my guidance, or ask me about Visa for Universities.

    A fellow from India thinks that we can outpace Research Gate one day, concerning QUALITY of content, it already may have happened.

    We have a great idea becoming independent from Research Gate and ArXiv, bought peers and reputation by publishing on Hixgrid!


    I invite you to register at hixgrid.de when you want to be part of this idea.


    We want to enable talents and ideas, giving people a voice, build up trust by ability/capability and liberate education!

    I think that we can have financial success by this as well.

    The principle is about a quantum threshold, providing for people and students, especially young people and scientists, a voice and research and publishing platform, in order to build up a reputation outside the ArXiv/Cornell peer review system, helping with scholarships, grants and funding, applications for student Visa.

    This may help to liberate education and keep the internet free by overcoming a kind of dictatorship by the current education system, which is a main driver for the IT industry: bought science and peers are becoming a threat for people - we hope to have an impact on lowering the need for political power and control by drying out a major source for this: a narrow belief system, the down bringing of humanities, social and natural sciences at Universities and an education system controlled by governments.

    We hope that the impact of US universities diminishes so that we have more diversity in the education and enable dreams of young students who cannot afford this, so that finally people do even no more feel urged to apply at the Top Universities, which are just maintaining a bought reputation for the needs of the industry only.

    We think that education starts with young children and is about enabling Talents! We want to enable families and keep apart Governments from controlling our lives!


    Oliver Thewalt

    Some Technical Terms:

    Please tell me when you intend to register at hixgrid. de (science (AT) hixgrid (Dot) de or Social Networks), I had to close free registration due to spam bots, thanks!

    Please understand that there is a need to verify your identity and motivation, we have to keep commercial spam and infiltration outside!

    Registering is at the moment for friends we can trust only, I will have to validate new members manually.

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/Science.Network.Hixgrid/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Neogrid - https://twitter.com/Hixgrid

    Of talent and education